Release VDG Sense 2.4.20 – new features

New features, News, VDG Sense - December 20, 2016

Every month we release an update of our video management software, VDG Sense. The update contains possible bug fixes and newly added features or feature improvements. This month we released update 2.4.20, here are some highlights of the new features that have been released.


This function enables the user to search through recorded video supported by graphical indication per camera of motion, events and audio. You can read more about the timeline function here.


Licence updating

Updating your VDG Sense license has become much easier. Prior to VDG Sense 2.4.19, you were required to manually deactivate the old license in the software, followed by reactivating the new license key.

In Sense 2.4.19, we’ve simplified this procedure and added an option to update the license key with one click on a button. An internet connection is required only on the client, servers could be offline from the internet. Read more about the Licence updating here.

Park Assist integration

Park Assist offers a smart-sensor system for parking guidance keeps a finger on the pulse on the behaviors, preferences and usage patterns across your parking facility. The smart-sensor cameras and combined with integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR) and intelligent software are designed to monitor the entire parking facility.


The Park Assist plugin is made to ease the process of importing a Park Assist configurations into VDG Sense. The plugin will automatically add all smart-sensors to the VDG Sense device list, generate a layout with a fullscreen map panel and import floor plans from the Park Assist Server. To read more about Park Assist, click here.

Dual Login

The four-eyes principle means that at least two people have to be logged for a certain activity to be performed (i.e. a decision, export of video data, etc.). This controlling mechanism is used to facilitate delegation of authority and increase transparency. Read more about Dual Login here.

Lens correction

Some lenses distort the image of a camera. This is seen as curved lines where one would expect straight lines. The two most common types of lens distortion are barrel distortion and pincushion distortion. The image below shows an example of barrel distortion. Since VDG Sense 2.4.20, it is possible to correct these optical issues commonly seen on wide angle lenses. To see an example of the lens correction, click here.


The full Change Log can be found here. Download VDG Sense 2.4.20 here.