Release VDG Sense 2.5.4 – new feature: Clips

New features, News, VDG Sense - September 18, 2017

Every month we release an update of our video management software, VDG Sense. The update contains possible bug fixes and newly added features or feature improvements. This month we have released VDG Sense 2.5.4 and here’s what’s new in this release; Clips!

TKH Security introduces the new feature Clips in VDG Sense version 2.5.4 and onwards. Clips is the ability to export and share parts of your video storage to a universal video format in a MP4 container. MP4 is a digital multimedia container format most commonly used to store video and audio. All modern browsers and devices support this format.

Why would I want to export parts of my video storage?
Some situations require an extra pair of eyes or even recorded video footage serving as evidence. Clips is made for those situations. For example, an accident occurred on your premises and it’s caught on video. In some cases, an external party such as the police needs video footage as proof. Clips makes it very easy to export parts of recorded video footage from VDG Sense to a universal video format. This way the native VDG Sense player is no longer required to share or watch clips.

How do I export recorded footage?
There are three ways to export your selected clip. You can export it by using your native client, the mobile app and web client.
The native client has been expended with a MP4 format option. To read all about the exporting of clips via native client, read the Knowledge Base article here.

Also, you can export and manage the clip through API. The API is capable of transcoding the video, which means reducing the size of the video. To read more about the functions of this API, click here.