Building Security

Video surveillance solutions for any kind of building security need. Ensuring public safety and protection of valuable assets and goods.

From a public building with low security needs, to a highly secured premises with valuables to protect. TKH Security offers a solution to any kind of video surveillance needs. Our video management system is scalable from one to an unlimited amount of cameras, making it the most flexible system on the market. Together with innovative features and intelligence for video content analysis, any kind of building video surveillance system need can be fulfilled by VDG Sense.

VDG Sense includes powerful macro's, which can actively provide information to the security agent on site, or even pro-actively sound an alarm, for instance when a person passes a visual perimeter or when loitering has been detected (which has been set with ObjectR). With various 3rd party integrations, and almost unlimited applications of these macro's, VDG Sense is the most innovative video management software available and can be tailored exactly to your building security needs.


3rd party security system integrations Video wall possibilities ObjectR CarR

At VDG, our primary objective is to enhance a safe and secure environment with our video security systems. Together with our customers, we identify the possible safety threats, make an inventory of the security requirements, and provide a tailor made solution for the building's CCTV security system. Our knowledge and experience of building security management makes it possible for us to understand where we can exceed our customers' expectations. With the flexibility of our video management software, VDG Sense, and the state of the art hardware, the possibilities are limitless.

Consult one of our experts on which solution fits your video security needs.