We can no longer imagine a world without energy. A power failure will rapidly cause problems and can disrupt the economy and society. Safeguarding energy facilities is therefore essential. TKH Security offers a range of solutions for this cause.

Monitoring unmanned sites

There is a need for state-of-the-art technology at unmanned sites. The Asset & Site Management Solution offers a complete security package with contains access control and tools to monitor ambient factors on critical sites. It keeps you in the picture down to the finest detail, from one dashboard.In the event of a deviation, the system immediately displays a notification and a pre-set action can automatically be activated. This significantly reduces the risk of faults and failure.

The Asset & Site Management solution complies with strict regulations governing the energy sector. Reporting has never been so efficient. All types of data are recorded, analyzed, and can easily be reported.

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Intrusion detection
Large energy substations are crucial for the energy supply of entire residential areas. Unfortunately, copper theft is a common problem. With failure as a result, or even worse: fatal incidents caused by high voltages.

Security on these sites asks for more than just a fence. TKH Security offers solutions for video management and intrusion detection to keep them safe. The smart software provides automatic warnings to operators if sites are entered, enabling them to keep an eye from a distance.

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