General Government

Security of government buildings is of national importance. Public authorities have stored valuable, privacy-sensitive information on citizens and institutions in online and offline data. By physically securing government buildings, not only are citizens and employees protected, data is also shielded from cyber-attacks, for instance.

Access Control
iProtect Acces makes sure unauthorized persons are kept outside specific areas where, for example, computers or documents containing sensitive information are stored. Authorized employees easily gain access by scanning their personal card at a card reader.Visitors are pre-registered and there is real-time insight into who comes and goes where and when. You therefore maintain an overview and are immediately notified when an irregularity occurs.

As the need for security increases, for example due to repeated incidents or growth in departments, iProtect Security offers a full range of security components in a single package. Aside from Access Control, it can also be combined with VDG Sense Video Management, Intercom Facilities and Intrusion Detection which, together, provide the highest level of security.

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