Traffic is increasing in all shapes and sizes. Thanks to automated processes, traffic management can resolve the increasingly complicated demand. Operating bridges, supplying information on matrix boards and lighting up runways are all processes for which continuity is crucial. TKH Security has developed varied solutions to support this operation.

Video surveillance

Reliable and accurate video surveillance is of utmost importance at critical infrastructure such as tunnels, bridges and highway crossings. We provide the most intelligent and innovative solution for infrastructure video surveillance, combining the intelligent features of VDG Sense with our experience in infrastructure projects around the world.

Also, we have made it possible for emergency services to view camera images on location. When emergency services arrive at a scene at critical infrastructure, the right information of what has happened can add to a fast and accurate judgement of the situation.

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Asset & Site Management

Many traffic management applications are mission critical: they have a great deal of influence on large traffic flows. That is why failure is very risky. The Asset & Site Management Solution is for remotely monitoring and surveillance of multiple unmanned technical areas.

The system will show, for example, which technician is given access to a specific site at what time. Access can also be granted remotely, for example, to emergency services. Deviations in ambient factors are recorded in real time. In the event of calamities, such as failure of lighting in a tunnel, action can be taken immediately.

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Airport security

Airports have to deal with large numbers of passengers on a daily base. To maintain security, it is important to have proper access control and a clear overview. VDG Sense offers the “eyes and ears” for this challenge. The integration with iProtect Security ensures that any “irregularities” such as faulty acts with passes or passes outside the zone etc. are automatically upshift the right images at an event and, if applicable, sends a dome camera to the correct preset position. In addition, in the main control room the images are displayed on the video wall.

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