Logistics & Transport

The logistics and transportation sector handles valuable goods that must be delivered at the right time and at the right location. At outlying terrains of transport companies, the security must meet the highest requirements. TKH Security realizes specific security issues in the transportation sector and our solutions help you meet the TAPA certification requirements.

A recurring problem in the transportation sector is to keep intruders out. Thanks to airtight Access Control and real-time Video Surveillance, uninvited guests don’t stand a chance. Employees are recognized via the Intercom based on their voice and facial features. Eyes and ears across the terrain and in every storeroom; that’s where you can count on iProtect Security.

iProtect Security integrates various security components in one modular system. Access Control, Intercom Facilities, Intrusion Detection and VDG Sense Video Surveillance connect seamlessly with each other. Hence, any variances are spotted immediately. The thousands of internal and external drivers, numerous freights, storage areas and large terrains, show at a glance that things are totally under control.

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