Marine, Oil & Gas

Custom made video security solutions for Marine, Oil & Gas industries. Ensuring continuous safety and security, protecting valuable assets and the people aboard.

Marine, oil and gas industries rely heavily on video security systems. Not only for security, but especially to ensure safety and continuity. Safety for the people working in this industry, its surroundings and the environment. Continuity on the business process of the customer. TKH Security understands the importance of video security in this industry and provides tailor made solutions that ensure safety, security and reliability.

Video security onboard a marine vessel, an oil rig, or at a petrochemical plant provides challenges like no other industry. Not only is a continuous video stream essential, cameras and additional systems have to be resistant to the extreme external conditions. High quality images are necessary to provide a clear view of what exactly is happening. The slightest change on screen can indicate that action is needed to prevent possible disasters from happening.

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This is why TKH Security is the right choice when it comes to video security systems in this industry. Our systems are designed to work in the harsh conditions and provide a continuous, pro-active and clear view on what exactly is going on. Whether it is on board a ship, on oil rigs miles out at sea or inside refineries, monitoring essential processes on the slightest change in temperatures. Remotely or on location, or any combination imaginable. We have the solution.

Customized video management

Managing the large amount of video channels, up to hundreds of cameras on just one location, can be a big challenge. It is virtually impossible for anyone to keep track of all of them. Our innovative video management system, VDG Sense, provides solutions to ensure that your system operators see what is important. With our custom layouts, event driven macros and intelligence such as ObjectR for perimeter intrusion detection, our system operates pro-actively. Together with integration of third party systems, VDG Sense ensures a reliable, easy manageable video security system for operators on location, as well as from a distance, such as in a centralized control room on the shore.

Centralized monitoring

For increased situational awareness, and to contribute in reducing costs of labour, we provide tailor made solutions for centralized monitoring. This enables you to keep a closer watch on all activities aboard a vessel or rig and enhance the safety of people and valuable assets. Our video management software, VDG Sense, enables you to keep track of all video channels at the same time, by showing you exactly the images that require your focus or need attention.


When safety and security rely on video images, interruptions or failure is not an option. Therefore we offer redundant solutions, such as a hot standby failover server and “hot-swappable” hard drives. These ensure a stable operation, 24/7, without the loss of important video data.

Detailed images

For optimal security and safety, high quality images are essential. Our solutions consist out of only the highest quality components offering up to 4K-resolution video. We also offer the possibility to convert existing analogue video signals to digital images using industrialized encoders making sure all video data is captured and stored in our video management system.