TKH Security has innovative solutions for retailers; from large warehouses to small privately-owned shops. Video surveillance for retailers can be seen as complicated and costly. Our goal with providing video surveillance solutions for retailers is to keep it as simple as possible, and to make it add value to their business.


Situations as theft or vandalism can have a serious impact on your store, causing financial loss and insecurity. With our VDG Sense video surveillance software, we make sure every event is captured although the first priority is of course to help protect and prevent theft from your store, repelling it by increasing the chances to get caught. But also, video surveillance can be used to gather valuable data about customer behaviour.

Improve your store’s turnover

The VDG Sense Solution uses intelligence and powerful macros to help you improve your store’s revenue. For instance, when a customer is in an aisle longer than average, this could mean that the customer is in need of assistance. He could be experiencing trouble deciding which product is best, or having problems finding the product he is looking for. VDG Sense features ObjectR, which uses intelligent algorithms to detect if a person is residing in one place longer than average, and can pro-actively send a signal to a store employee.

There are many more applications imaginable to add value to your video surveillance.

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