Asset & Site Management

The world is becoming more efficient and we arrange more remotely.

The world is becoming more efficient and we arrange more remotely. This also applies to controlling unmanned sites in critical environs, such as telecom, energy and public utilities. To secure these sites 24/7, TKH Security has developed the Asset & Site Management Solution.

Unmanned technical areas are continuously supervised. By measuring temperature, humidity, smoke development and leakage. Changes in ambient factors can immediately be detected and pre-set follow-ups can be triggered automatically after an alarm.

Access rights for employees and contractors can be granted from the Control Room, but access can also be given on remote. As a result; critical processes are optimally protected, visitors of the locations are always traceable, and administrators have full control of their unmanned sites.

Asset & Site Management Software

The solution is based on the iProtect Site Software and enables the active and passive locations to be managed in a single system. In the event of an irregularity, the status is automatically sent to a mobile phone. Operators know immediately where intervention is required. This solution is extremely time and cost-effective.

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Combine both active and passive locations within one overall system, with the ApolloN and JUNO IoT controller.