Reliable and accurate video surveillance is of utmost importance at critical infrastructure such as tunnels, bridges and highway crossings. We provide the most intelligent and innovative solution for infrastructure video surveillance, combining the intelligent features of VDG Sense with our experience in infrastructure projects around the world.

VDG Sense uses powerful macros and high-end intelligence that can help ensure the safety and optimal flow of traffic at critical infra situations. These can detect abnormalities or pre-defined situations, in which VDG Sense can automatically decide to interact with the total security solution to shut down lanes or provide a detour.

With our experience in projects around the world, combined with the flexibility of our video management software to integrate in any infra-surveillance systems and the right hardware to operate in these conditions, we have the most innovative and best solution infrastructure video surveillance.

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A continuous solution for infrastructure

From our experience in infrastructure projects, such as the Coentunnel in Amsterdam, we understand and have defined the importance of continuous, unfailing video surveillance. If a system fails, this has immense consequences, such as reduced safety for passing traffic and high costs. For every infrastructure project, we therefore integrate specialist failover solutions, making sure the installed video surveillance continues to operate, even when an error occurs.


Special feature: emergency viewers

Special for infrastructure solutions, we have made it possible for emergency services to view camera images on location. When emergency services arrive at a scene at critical infrastructure, the right information of what has happened can add to a fast and accurate judgement of the situation. Video images can contribute to this in a great way. Therefore it is necessary for the emergency services to be able to see the images on that location. With special viewer screens on location, a member of the emergency services can get in direct contact with the operator, and ask for the necessary images to be displayed on the viewer screen. This way the data remains in hand of the operator, while the emergency services have immediate access as well.