Parking Facility Management

Drive your parking operations to success

The traditional parking industry is numbers driven and labor intensive. As a parking operator, you deal with many systems, processes, vendors, workflows, digits, contact channels, events and more. To integrate this operation, reduce labor costs and create a better working environment, TKH Security has developed a Parking Facility Management Solution.

All aspects of parking operation can be centralized into one tool that offers:

  • Centralization of services
  • Standardization of processes and workflows
  • Vendor agnostic and increased independence
  • Real time and full customer insight
  • Analysis, alerts and predictions

With efficient operations, reduced labor costs and a better parking experience as a result.


TKH Security presents a game changing software solution for business intelligence, with special focus on parking operations. FlinQ is an open platform, equipped to integrate and control all your devices, systems and communication channels.

Manage all your parking facilities from a single control room. Automate your key processes and workflows. Safe costs and lift your service to a higher level.

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