Video Management

Make sure that every aspect of your property and business is safeguarded

From a public space to highly secured premises with valuables to protect; TKH Security offers a solution to any kind of video surveillance needs. Our video management solution is scalable from just a few to a few thousand cameras and other connected devices.

We develop our solutions in-house, with the focus on openness, usability, and simplicity. This way we are able to tailor our solutions to your exact wishes and requirements. By creating rules with our unique macro engine, you can define system behavior and trigger actions when pre-defined events occur.

Markets Segments

TKH Security is active in various markets. For every specific market we work towards a perfect fit with our solutions.

Discover our Products

For the best video security system, VDG offers a range of hardware products, from our own brand servers to cameras and other necessary products. The hardware is specifically selected for the most reliable and efficient VDG Sense setup.