30 January 2019

VDG Sense updates software for its video security systems

This new year comes with a new update! TKH Security has updated the software for its VDG Sense video security systems again. This new release – […]
06 December 2018

TKH Security uses test automation to guarantee quality and save time

The software in video security systems needs to be updated regularly and tested with each new release. The introduction of test automation adds an extra layer […]
19 November 2018

New software release for VDG Sense

TKH Security has updated its software for its VDG Sense video management system. The new release offers new features and many improvements of existing functionalities. It can […]
01 October 2018

We aim to provide clients with an optimised customer support experience

With a total of 30 employees TKH Security has a small but high-end support department. Maarten van der Heijden is Technical Consultant with VDG, among others […]
01 August 2018

‘VDG’s and TKH Group’s client portals provide maximum transparency for our clients’

Six years ago, TKH Security decided to invest strategically in (re)developing its client portal. The goal  was to create a portal with allround functionality and maximum […]
17 July 2018

New Open API for VDG Sense will prove to be a game-changer

VDG Security has been in the vanguard of video management systems since it was established in 1996. From 2008 the company is part of TKH Security […]