Care & Cure

Care & Cure

We like to keep you informed about everything that is going on within our organization related to corporate news, product innovations and projects. Below you can find our most recent product innovations and projects for this market segment.

11 June 2019

Innovative intercom system for the Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital’s newly equipped OR

The Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital (ETZ) in Tilburg/Waalwijk is a large, specialised clinical care teaching hospital with an extensive range of specialist healthcare. The hospital serves a coverage […]
24 May 2019

Creation of an unique video surveillance system for SEIN

Implement a video observation system to monitor patients and improve the diagnosis and treatment of people suffering from (epileptic) seizures Since April 26, 2012, doctors at […]
24 May 2019

Managing all Q-Park facilities from one central control room with FlinQ software

Q-Park is an independent, international parking organization with over 4,500 parking facilities throughout Europe. To increase efficiency and customer satisfaction, Q-Park decided to centralize the management […]
24 May 2019

Elkerliek Hospital secures its premises from one single location with FlinQ software

Elkerliek Hospital staff want to offer the best care possible. They work with modern medical equipment and are constantly updating their knowledge, their buildings and premises conform the requirements of […]
24 May 2019

Implementing high volumes of car parks and intercom traffic in a very busy live environment

About APCOA APCOA’s name origins from the former US mother and is an abbreviation for Airport Parking Corporation of America. Today the airport segment is still […]
26 April 2019

Introducing new architecture with VDG Sense 2.6 release

The VDG Sense 2.6 release is almost here. Of course, every release is special in its own right, but the company is particularly excited about this […]
10 April 2019

Siqura expands range with LPR cameras of sister company Tattile

With the highly specialized ANPR/LPR cameras of Italian Tattile, Siqura has added yet another strong and proven product range to its catalog. Tattile is part of […]
28 February 2019

TKH Security assists NOC with high customer experience across their car parks

Establishing a National Operation Centre (NOC) and centralising car park operations in order to deliver a consistently high customer service experience. About Scentre Group Scentre Group is the […]
28 February 2019

VDG Sense: easy integration and cost saving

SMH Automation- und Überwachungssysteme GmbH (SMH) in Germany is a system integrator and a key player in the market for managed parking spaces and cooperates. TKH […]