Infra & Tunnels

11 September 2020

Complete Video Management Solution for the Wet Infrastructure Sector

The road network is under increasing pressure due to sheer weight of traffic, and its bridges and water locks are no exception. In view of the […]
20 April 2020

ApolloN, the next generation of Apollo Controllers

For years, the Apollo controller has been the driving force behind the Asset & Site Management solution. In order to be prepared for the future even […]
14 August 2019

Good combination of existing and new structures

NS transports more than 1.1 million train passengers every day They provide the connection between home and work. Between family and friends, between people. Trains are […]
11 June 2019

Managing all the critical infrastructure in Coburg, Germany

The company that supports almost all critical infrastructure in the German town of Coburg is the Städtische Werke Überlandwerke GmbH, better known as SÜC. This company […]
11 June 2019

GVT Group of Logistics locations equipped with security management solution

All of the locations are comprehensively equipped with Access Control, Intrusion Detection and Video Surveillance. We think it’s important that a supplier shares ideas and acts […]
11 June 2019

The most important point of departure was the choice for an integrated solution

Eindhoven Airport is increasingly important on the list of Dutch airports. The airport’s growth is undeniable. To be able to manage this growth, a new passenger […]
06 September 2018

ETAVIS and TKH Security, a long-term relationship

Systems integrator ETAVIS cooperates with TKH Security as preferred supplier for its projects in infrastructure, public transport and advanced security across Switzerland. Business unit manager Harry […]
03 September 2018

Complete Security solution for all 642.415 m² at Princess Juliana International Airport

TKH Security has provided the video display, video recording and control solution to view and protect all 642.415 m² of the Princess Juliana International Airport. From […]
03 February 2018

Controlling water locks in Zeeland, the Netherlands, with VDG Sense

The many water locks in the water-rich province of Zeeland in The Netherlands, are controlled from two central positioned control units. TKH Security has provided the […]