6 examples of the added value of a video security system

Blog, News, Retail, VDG Sense - September 25, 2015

The expression ‘safety first’ is well adapted and priority for you and your employees. Together with clear regulations, and good training and education of employees, video surveillance can contribute greatly in creating a secure and safe environment at any business site. However, a video surveillance system can do more than just keep your business safe; it secures the entire company, including service and the overall performance.

24/7 monitoring of the company’s site with cameras scare off thieves and discourage criminal activity. Video surveillance systems with event driven macros enable you to set exact rules in your system to define which images are to be captured and which events require extra action. This reduces storage needs and false alarms.

However, video surveillance systems advantages go further and beyond. They can even enhance service significantly and add value to your business. Here are 6 ways of how a video surveillance system can enhance service:


Helping employees in their job


1. A video surveillance system combined with audio or intercom, such as Commend Intercom, enables supervisors and operational managers to monitor critical processes and assist and guide employees where needed. Improving the communication and cooperation between one and another, this feature can enhance the overall performance.

2. When an undesirable situation occurs, a video surveillance system enables you to collect the needed data and act upon it, which can help solve situations and work-related conflicts more quickly and efficiently. This can benefit the company culture and performance as a team.

3. A video surveillance system with a 360º fisheye camera installed, enables you to monitor the entire workplace. This can contribute to a safer feeling for your employees, which will make it easier for them to do their job and provide excellent service, without having to worry about safety matters.


Next-level customer service


4. Assisting customers in your store becomes easier and more efficient. A customer wondering around in the same aisle for a certain amount of time might be an indicator that he or she can’t find the product or requires some assistance. You can have the system notify an employee and send him or her to the concerning customer. See how a Dutch DIY-store integrated this to help raise customer satisfaction.

5. Missing out on revenues due to empty shelves belongs to the past. When products have ran out, an employee can be signaled to restock based on video data.

6. Regular guests, at for instance an hotel or restaurant, that have registered their license plate, can be granted a fast and easy access to the property through CarR VCA. Find out how VDG Sense contributes to hospitality and a higher level of service at Hotel Okura Amsterdam.


How can you add value to your business with your video surveillance system?

Every business is different and requires a different approach when it comes to a video surveillance system. Many systems might be outdated or don’t meet your specific needs. Innovation is an ongoing process and video security is a rapidly developing sector, as is your business. The ideal situation is a video surveillance system that is flexible enough to adapt and grow along with your business’ needs and requirements, and a team behind it to offer complete support.


TKH Security has the video surveillance solutions that are tailored to fit exactly your requirements. Our software, VDG Sense, is developed with the end-user in mind. The customized layouts, event driven macros and web and mobile applications enable you to use the video surveillance system to the fullest extent in a way that suits you and your business the most. Discover a solution that fits your business here, or contact TKH Security to see how we can add value to your business through our video surveillance solutions.