TKH Security provides unique tool for Karwei customer service

News, Retail - August 9, 2012

Karwei is one of the largest home improvement and DIY retail chains in The Netherlands. To further improve their customer service, Karwei was searching for an innovative solution to help customers quicker that might be in need of assistance in their shops. In a cooperation between TKH Security and Ascom Nederland, a solution to this problem was created.

The solution is based on a time reference on how long a customer remains in a specific area. If a customer remains in an aisle for more than the set time, VDG’s video management system sends out a signal to an Ascom handset carried by an employee nearby. The employee now knows that a customer in that given area might be in need of assistance (for instance to find the specific product he is looking for) and can act accordingly and more adequately. With this tool, customer satisfaction is to be raised to a new level.

For more information and to see how this works, please view the video below.