TKH Security uses test automation to guarantee quality and to save time on software testing

News - December 6, 2018

The software in video security systems needs to be updated regularly and tested with each new release. The introduction of test automation adds an extra layer of accuracy to TKH Security’s testing process. Previously, VDG’s engineers had to manually check all software tests, but now test automation does that for them. Carola Schaap, Test (Automation) Engineer at TKH Security, talks about regression testing and test automation, how test automation benefits VDG as well as their clients and how they ensure quality.

Testlab VDG

Test automation

“Test automation is a form of software testing where all the tests are automated instead of manual,” explains Carola Schaap. “We have a release every two months and after doing the standard release tests, we would always perform a regression test manually. Now, we can finally rely on an automated testing system to do the regression test for us. We have had this ambition for some time; we had the required framework installed a couple of years ago and automated our API, but it took some time to get a test team together to expand the framework and create new automated tests. My team and I have been working on this project besides our regular tasks.”  

Benefits for TKH Security

It goes without saying that test automation saves time – Schaap confirmed that the regression tests of each release now takes a couple of days instead of the week that it previously took – but it has some other advantages too. “This new system allows us to perform our tests overnight, which means that we have more hours during the day to write other tests, to test more different parameters and to test more frequently,” says Schaap. “Besides that, it eliminates the human error factor and it makes our jobs more varied, challenging and fun.”

Benefits for TKH Security’s clients

Carola Schaap: “Of course, we are not the only ones that benefit from the switch to test automation. Our clients will notice less issues with their software, as test automation detects bugs swiftly. This allows for a smooth experience and will improve the overall quality of their video surveillance systems.”

Guaranteed quality

With every release, a team of four testers first performs a release test. The release test analyzes if all the fixed issues for that release are really fixed and if the new features and improvements are working properly. Then, they perform a regression test. “With a regression test we test existing functionalities in our software to make sure that a change or addition hasn’t broken any existing functionality. When all of these tests are done and passed, the release is ready to be shared with clients. Test automation not only makes my job and the jobs of my fellow engineers a little easier, but it also allows us to guarantee the high quality that our clients expect from us and makes it possible to exceed their expectations,” concludes Schaap.

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