VDG Sense 2.5 released on May 15

New features, News - May 15, 2017

VDG Sense 2.5 is available now!

We are proud to announce that VDG Sense 2.5 will be available from May 15, 2017. With the release of VDG Sense 2.5, the most flexible video management software available has become even better, more efficient and easier to work with. Read all about the new features in this newsletter and on our website. The new software is available for download here.

Enhanced performance and more efficiency through 64-bit technology

VDG Sense 2.5 uses 64-bit technology. As a result, it is possible to connect more cameras per server leading to lower costs.

VDG Sense is known for its powerful server-based algorithms, such as motion detection, scene detection, license plate recognition, facial recognition and video content analysis. Due to 64-bit technology in VDG Sense 2.5, it is possible to run many of these features on one server. More memory means more cameras and more features!

Renewed design for easier operation

The design of the user interface has been slightly changed in 2.5. The operator menu has received a make-over and the tree view mode now has a new look. This makes it easier to select camera’s and different layouts. Cameras and layouts can be dragged easily and put in a new place in the menu. To improve recognition, the camera list displays thumbnail images and displays the screen with thumbnails of each layout.

Many new features to look forward to

The new software opens the door to new developments to further enhance performance and add new exciting features. Here are some examples of features you may expect to see in future releases:

Event Clips

Besides the already existing possibility to export recorded video and audio in original VDG Sense format, the option will become available to alternatively export it to the well-known MP4 standard. MP4 clips can be viewed by all common video player software on computers, smartphones, and tablets.

H.265 Support

Here too, efficiency is the key word: by using the h.265 compression standard, only half the bandwidth and storage capacity are required for the same quality of video. This new standard supports resolutions of more than 34 megapixels (8192 x 4220).

Edge Recording

The edge recording functionality supports the integration in VDG Sense of recordings that are stored in cameras and encoders. In case of network problems and off-line situations relevant video and audio information can be evaluated and centrally stored when the network connection is (re)established. To assure the best possible integration with devices that support edge recording the Onvif Profile G directives are respected.

The first two new features will be available without cost for all VDG Sense 2.5 licenses. Edge Recording will be available without cost for all VDG Sense Pro 2.5 licenses.

More cameras supported

With the new 2.5 software, more cameras are supported. In this release, the Grundig GCI cameras are compatible with VDG Sense. This camera line is very diverse, ranging from vandalism proof cameras to compact dome cameras. Sense 2.5 now also supports the Alphafinity E232 camera.

Unfortunately, the features FaceR and ObjectR Basic are not supported yet.

Note: All orders placed from May 15 on, will receive the new 2.5 software. Without a valid Software Upgrade Plan (SUP), it is not possible to upgrade from 2.3 or 2.4 to 2.5 for free. By logging into your account on our website, you can easily check the status of your SUP, by selecting a product ID under Licenses. There you can see until when your SUP is valid.