VDG Sense’s 2.6.1 release

News - September 19, 2019

In the beginning of 2019, we discussed the new architecture of VDG Sense 2.6. In the meantime, 2.6.1. has been officially released and is available on the TKH Security website. This release is the first step towards a new and improved VDG Sense generation, offering a fully standardized open platform for integrators. 

The 2.6.1 release is the first step that allows integrators to customize the VDG Sense platform to specific project requirements without worrying about the core video management functionality. VDG Sense will take care of efficient and secure video storage, as well as media handling and content analyses, supporting a wide range of camera manufacturers and market standards, such as Onvif® 

 Open Application Interface 
From the 2.6.1 release onwards, VDG Security will release new upgrades regularly with additional Open API functionalities. As the first major steps are taken, our R&D team is now working on exposing all available configuration data via a new modern and secure REST API. VDG Sense 2.6.1 exposes the first API resources related to ‘user management’. This will be followed by other resources like ‘devices’ and ‘layouts in consecutive upgrades. While building the new Open API architecture, all ‘legacy’ API functionalities will remain available and partners can start implementing the Open API step by step.  

When discussing APIs, security is always a hot topic. That is why the Open Application Interface is designed to run in a high security environment: 

  • Transport – All transport regarding configuration will be sent over an encrypted connection.  
  • Authentication – With the implementation of the OAuth2 standard, it is no longer required to store and send passwords along with each API call.  
  • Encryption – All configuration input with privacy-sensitive data will be encrypted or hashed and saved in a safe environment.  

As part of the Open Application Interface development, user management can now be accessed via a REST API. This enables the possibility to create, update, edit and delete users. Creating roles (formerly known as User groups) and assigning users to these roles are now also available through this API.   

 New Features
Together with many security enhancements, new operator features are introduced to improve the way events in recorded video can be found 

  • Video Miner to re-examine recorded video using customized ObjectR search queries  
  • New Timeline to provide more insight in recorded video and events 
  • Export snapshot to JPEG with cropping function  

The complete list of new features and improvements can be found in our changelog
To download VDG Sense 2.6.1, go to our download section.