‘VDG’s and TKH Group’s client portals provide maximum transparency for our clients’

News - August 1, 2018

Six years ago, TKH Security decided to invest strategically in (re)developing its client portal. The goal  was to create a portal with allround functionality and maximum transparency for VDG’s clients. Today, five of TKH Group’s sister companies including TKH Security are using a client portal developed by VDG.

Danny van Deutekom is a software developer with TKH Security. From the start, he has been directly involved with the client portal’s development.

Client portal VDG and TKH

The client portal has a great variety in functionalities available for the client. Danny van Deutekom: “A client employee can manage his or her individual profile. He can register as employee of his company. Both his employer and VDG can thus keep track. The portal allows a client to view price lists, orders and licences, register defects, monitor the status of repairs, register support tickets et cetera. It really is a much more comprehensive system than what I have briefly outlined just now.

Also, the client portal is integrated with our enterprise resource planning system (ERP system), allowing us to operate with optimal client focus. For example, a VDG account manager can quickly refresh his knowledge of a client’s situation just before visiting the client. This provides for the right engagement with each particular client.”

Customized portal for client transparency

Sister companies within TKH Group B.V. having their own customized version of the client portal include Siqura and Flexposure. “The portal has a modular set-up, whereby a module can or cannot be switched on. Each company has the option to configure its own client portal. Siqura mainly uses it for so-called return material authorizations (RMAs) and’quote maker’, a tool for producing business offers that is integrated with our ERP system. On the other hand, Flexposure’s main use concerns their software licencing system. For Siqura, we have integrated certain features to provide for an internationalized client portal. A single sign-on permits clients to operate across the TKH group’s various client portals. VDG provides technical support for the portals to its sister companies”, Van Deutekom says.

“The integration with VDG’s ERP system also brings added value. Our sales team produces business offers within the portal’s environment. An offer can be allocated to a client’s portal space for easy access. Features such as this one also contribute to the effectiveness of our account team.”

TKH Security: committed to its core business

Van Deutekom takes pride in having developed the client portal. “Six years ago, there wasn’t any system capable of performing the tasks which we have at our disposal now. So, we wrote the code for integration with our ERP system but also with our newsletters system. The portal works so well we could have decided to found a separate business to market it. However, at TKH Security our vision is to stay focused on our core business, which is provide video management systems.”

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