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Case Study

Wrocław University of Technology

Wrocław University of Science and Technology is a leading research and teaching center in Poland. Its position among technical universities in Europe and the world is growing every year. The development of the university ensures research potential, teaching at the highest level, innovation, and cooperation with the economy.

The Challenge

  • A logical way of managing parking for lecturers, admin, and students using License Plate Recognition.
  • Providing a stable and strategic process for city center communication, to assist with avoidance of traffic congestion.
  • Providing efficient access to the university building and car park through License Plate Recognition (LPR), IPROTECT AC Cards, and COMMEND Intercom.
  • Integrating the university database with Active Directory to provide structured data storage and a streamlined access process for students, employees, and visitors.
  • Security Management System to integrate AC, VDG SENSE VMS, Intercom, and intrusion detection under one central management location along with Interactive Floor Plans.
  • A dedicated portal for students that oversees parking within the facility grounds and access to the building library.

The Outcome

  • Logical parking management through LPR that can define user access groups (Lecturers, Students, Admin) and the number of spaces allocated to each.
  • Interactive Floor Plans integrating several security disciplines into a single platform which includes Access Control, Video Management, Intrusion Detection, and Intercom for a full overview of campus security.
  • Implementation of Intercom and AC through cards for 25,000 people linked to campus parking and facilities.
  • Student visitor management through a dedicated portal that allows them to log in and confirm acceptance of parking regulations along with adding license plate information for updated parking access.
  • Integration of two databases from the university and Active Directory in relation to parking management for students, employees, and visitors entering the campus through a combination of LPR and student/employee ID cards.

The Solution

Working alongside the requirements of the Wroclaw University of Technology, we were able to offer tailored solutions for the challenges experienced in educational facilities with our dedicated solutions.

Student Portal

To provide a streamlined and user-friendly experience for students, the updated portal features a simplified interface that allows students to enter their LP number and accept parking regulations seamlessly. This new system ensures a faster and more efficient process for students, enabling them to manage their parking needs with ease. With this update, the client can enhance the overall satisfaction of their students while maintaining a high level of security and efficiency.

Multiple databases

To automate the process of creating user profiles in the AC system. With this, the client can automatically create the given name, surname, card number, and authorizations in the system. Two main databases that were linked were the SELS (Electronic School ID System) and Active Directory allowing for seamless data transfer between the systems. By integrating the databases, the client can automatically retrieve critical information such as student and staff records, schedules, and other essential data.

Leveraging AC data for a better way of working

To ensure that universities remain attractive to students, it’s important to utilize AC solutions to enhance campus life. For instance, the iParking website receives the data from IPROTECT to provide students with real-time information about parking availability. Thanks to this data, the university can also provide students with interesting and useful information in their “Strefa Otwartej Nauki” (SON)/Open Science Zone (SON) to show the attractiveness of the library for students, for example, how many people use this facility.

Facility Communication (Intercom)

In situations where a card is forgotten or a different car with a different LPR number is used (VIPs, couriers, borrowed vehicles, etc), Intercom provides a reliable means of communicating with the operator. Through this communication, the operator can authorize access to the facility, preventing any unnecessary delays or disruptions. For the convenience of security employees changing workstations, the Intercom system is also connected to the central phone line.

Manage events and react accordingly

Based on customer requirements, event-driven management procedures were implemented using our SMS where operators are automatically informed by an alarm when an exceptional activity of interest takes place, especially important when monitoring areas where activity should not be taking place at specific times.

Access Control for security-sensitive environments

At the university, 235 readers were installed to offer a fully equipped solution to ensure the highest levels of security for employees, students, and visitors. The advantages of the Access Control system include functionalities such as integration of a student ID card as a proximity access card and flexible expansion of the AC system with additional rooms or buildings. Our solution provides a comprehensive guest service that includes several features. These include the pre-preparation of access cards for conference or training participants (with an office-mode feature), automatic event logging with camera pictures, booking an appropriate number of parking spaces, and monitoring guest movement within the facility.

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Leszek Schmidt

Product Manager – C&C Partners

“The main assumption of the project was to extend the functionality of the student ID and the employee card. Thanks to the use of our systems and their integration with the university database, cards, and ID cards can now be used as access cards to various places. Thanks to such a global combination of our solutions, the user can manage not only the university car park but also the entire university from one place. Undoubtedly, the solution used in this project puts Wrocław University of Science and Technology among the most secure universities in Poland.”

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