VDG Sense, DIVA, DV-Rec, Observision, and more

VDG Sense 2.6

With the 2.6.2 release, VDG Sense introduces several new features. VDG Sense can now make use of LDAP Authentication or Active Directory, support for Tattile dual-head cameras with ANPR. 2.6.2 also provides an interface for the BriefCam so recorded footage of VDG Sense can be imported into the BriefCam software.

Please read the OpenAPI documentation and changelogs carefully when upgrading from 2.5 to 2.6


VDG Sense 2.5

With the release of VDG Sense 2.5, the most flexible video management software available has become even better, more efficient and easier to work with. VDG Sense 2.5 uses 64-bit technology. As a result, it is possible to connect more cameras per server leading to lower costs.

The design of the user interface has been slightly changed in 2.5. The operator menu has received a make-over and the tree view mode now has a new look. The new software opens the door to new developments to further enhance performance and add new exciting features.