Who are we

Our mission is to be a major contributor to the creation of safe and secure environments for everyone. The company is focused on projects in different vertical markets (i.a. infrastructure, building, parking, healthcare, and telecom), offering total security systems from single- to multi-site and corporate environments.

TKH Security consists of highly educated and experienced employees who strive to exceed customer expectations and to continuously develop innovative solutions for the market with a focus on creative, flexible and open architecture integration.

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Self-Encrypting Drives in Video Management Systems

May 11, 2020

Security installations of high-risk objects must provide the greatest possible protection against unauthorized access to the stored information. One of the possibilities to achieve this is to store sensitive data encrypted. Special so-called self-encrypting drives (SEDs) are required for this. A SED automatically and continuously encrypts the data it stores, without any user interaction. One […]

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TKH Security introduces TKH Fusion

April 30, 2020

TKH Security and Siqura are proud to introduce a camera that can help detect raised temperatures. TKH Fusion is a raised temperature detection kit which can measure from a distance if a person has a higher than normal body temperature. TKH Fusion consists of a dual spectrum smart IP-camera and a blackbody. The dual spectrum […]

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ApolloN, the next generation of Apollo Controllers

April 20, 2020

For years, the Apollo controller has been the driving force behind the Asset & Site Management solution. In order to be prepared for the future even better, a second generation controller, the ApolloN controller, has been developed for managing active locations. This controller is based on the latest processors and is therefore ten times faster […]

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