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Video Management System

Image showing operator monitoring live images on a computer screen with customizable layouts.

With VDG SENSE you’re in control of all live images and stored video data.

Tailored to your specific needs, the software is an open platform solution. With over 25 years of industry experience, our video management system is trusted by users in 80 countries worldwide.

Main Values

Image showing customized monitor layouts in VDG SENSE's video management system for optimized surveillance control.
  • Custom Layouts – Monitor layouts can be tailored for individual users and selected either manually or based on events.
  • Open Platform – In addition to our AC and SMS, our VMS can be configured to work with any camera, security device, or easily integrated into third-party solutions.
  • ONVIF device support – As well as our own camera range, VDG SENSE is open for the integration of third-party security cameras and other devices.
  • Scalable from a few, to several thousand cameras and devices.
Image depicting the seamless integration of event-driven macros and server-based intelligence in VDG SENSE's surveillance system.
  • Event-driven macros – Easy-to-use trigger function when pre-defined events occur.
  • Server-Based Intelligence – We offer server-based video content analysis that can trigger actions and alerts.
Image illustrating VDG SENSE's robust security measures including end-to-end encryption, system monitoring, and failover protection.
  • End-to-end security – Protection against cyberattacks with encrypted communication.
  • Watchdog – Our VMS monitors more than 100 different vital points in the system, including network connectivity and hardware-related functions.
  • Failover protection – All functionalities are secured by hot-standby failover protection.
Image showcasing operator leveraging VDG SENSE's secure video data storage, GDPR-compliant access control, password-protected exports, and fast search capabilities.
  • Video data is stored in a proprietary non-tampering format.
  • Access to data is based on user profiles (in accordance with GDPR).
  • Exporting data can be password protected.
  • Fast searching capabilities thanks to algorithmic functionalities.


Main Functionalities

Project functionalities

Fully Customizable Monitor Layouts

In video management, it’s crucial to display event-related information on operator desks and video walls in a manner that is both effective and visually appealing.

The Solution

You can customize your event’s display to suit your needs by choosing from over 20 different pre-configured panel layouts.

What are the benefits of Customizable Layouts?

Monitor layouts can be user specific and selected both manually as well as event driven with panels that have functions such as:

  • Live video
  • Playback
  • Floorplan
  • Action button
  • Even counter
  • Bookmark popup
  • HTML page
  • Real time clock
  • Event description
  • Playback controls
  • Camera controls
  • Timeline with event alerts
  • Event search
  • Tagged video overview


…and many more!

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Image demonstrating the versatility of VDG SENSE's customizable monitor layouts, featuring various panel options for effective event visualization.

Event Driven Management

You need to protect against a variety of activities and threats that may arise from different scenarios, at any given time.

The Solution

Events can trigger notifications that can be displayed along with the cause of detection.

What are the benefits of Event Driven Management?

You’re able to see what you need, when you need it.

  • VCA
  • External Sources (API)
  • Smart Search
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Image illustrating operator leveraging the effectiveness of event-driven management in VDG SENSE, with timely notifications and insights from VCA and external sources.

Server based Video Content Analytics

Sometimes, it can be challenging to distinguish between suspicious behavior and harmless activities. In some cases, events in a particular area of your facility can signify the need for further action.

The Solution

If the conditions of the event rules are met, they will be marked and stored in the database and displayed in the event list/ presented on related monitor layout(s).

Algorithms can analyze your video streams based on:

  • CarR – License plate recognition. A highly intelligent feature developed to scan license plates in a live video stream.
  • ObjectR – Object detection. An optimized intrusion detection algorithm that extracts moving objects from the background.
  • ObjectC – Object classification. This algorithm uses Deep Learning to identify and classify objects in video footage and can trigger events based on predefined settings.
  • ColorD – Color detection. When triggered by an event, this algorithm determines the dominant color in a predefined area of the video frame.
  • FaceD – Face detection. Based on the presence of eyes, eyebrows, nose, and lips, the algorithm creates a ‘Face Found’ event. This enables both macro actions as well as forensic research.
  • SceneR – Scene change detection. Detects camera tampering, angle changes and loss of detail.


Why use Video Content Analytics in my facility?

Using VCA gives you superior control in allowing you to define rules which can trigger actions and alerts from a range of scenarios that could pose potential threats, such as crowd management, vehicle type detection, time-frame alerts, and much more.

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Image showing operators using VDG SENSE's server-based Video Content Analytics, including license plate recognition, object detection, and scene change detection.

System Performance Monitoring

From detecting and resolving issues to capacity planning and optimization, it is crucial to have a comprehensive monitoring tool in place for optimal system performance.

The Solution

An overview page gives detailed stats about recording and bandwidth usage for each device, making it easy to check settings and identify potential problems.

Why use System Performance Monitoring?

In the device section, the following information is available:

  • Device Statistics
  • Hard disk Statistics
  • Network Statistics
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Image illustrating VDG SENSE's System Performance Monitoring tool, offering detailed statistics on recording, bandwidth, device, hard disk, and network usage.

Native and MP4 Export Format

One challenge in managing camera footage is how to upload and export it to various devices, such as hard drives, USB sticks, and network locations in different file formats.

The Solution

Within VDG SENSE, there is an export function to create clips from recorded video in either native or in .mp4 format giving you more control over where and how you access/share information.

What are the benefits of Native and MP4 Export Formats?

  • Exporting native video from multiple cameras in a single file maintains its original compression excluding the possibility of manipulation.
  • Use .mp4 video clips with the most common media players like Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, or Media Player Classic.
  • Easily share clips via mail or phone with .mp4.
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Image demonstrating VDG SENSE's Native and MP4 Export Formats, offering flexibility and control over accessing and sharing camera footage.

Lip Sync Commend Intercom Audio Recording

Combining video and intercom systems into a single file helps efficiently recall important events by providing easy review and export options.

The Solution

The Intercom plugin records lip-sync conversations and allows for initiating Intercom chats directly from the VMS user interface.

Why use the Commend Intercom plugin?

  • Superb HD audio quality within a frequency range of 7kHz.
  • Accurate Audio and Visual events within the correct timeframes.
  • Open and close intercom communication.
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Image illustrating VDG SENSE's Lip Sync Commend Intercom Audio Recording feature, providing HD audio quality and synchronized audio-visual events.

Non-override Video Tagging

To prevent loss of important footage, video and metadata can be tagged to prevent their deletion.

The Solution

Tagged videos and metadata files are kept to prevent files from being deleted with a non-override function until untagged.

Why should I use Non-override Video Tagging?

Non-override video tagging allows you to:

  • Prioritize important files that need to be kept.
  • Avoid deletion of crucial footage.
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Image illustrating VDG SENSE's Non-override Video Tagging feature, safeguarding critical footage and preventing accidental deletion.

Operator Bookmarks

Highlight video footage noted by an operator.

The Solution

Operator bookmarks let you flag important moments for a specific camera with user-defined text for easy reference by date, time, and camera.

Why should I use Bookmarks?

  • Bookmark suspicious events noted by the operator.
  • Use the search layout to select a camera and find all existing bookmarks for that device.
  • Mark incidents from live and pre-recorded videos for further analysis.
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Image showing operator using VDG SENSE's Operator Bookmarks feature, enabling operators to flag important moments for video analysis.

Multiple Streams & Multicast Technology Supported

In monitoring, multiple parties may need to view video streams simultaneously for incidents involving different authorities or locations.

The Solution

Multicast is a network architecture that allows one video stream to be sent to multiple receivers through a single transmission, where the stream is copied and sent to all requesting receivers.

Why use Multiple Stream & Multicast Technology?

  • Provides adjustable resolution for different requirements.
  • Benefit from an optimal overview of a security situation with multiple viewers.
  • No increase in bandwidth as you add multiple users.
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Image illustrating cameras with VDG SENSE that support Multiple Streams & Multicast Technology, enabling efficient surveillance with adjustable resolution and bandwidth optimization.

Server – Client and Federation Architecture

Server clustering is a way to manage multiple servers in one or more locations using a single management server. This is useful for large installations with many cameras or when servers are in different sites.

The Solution

Some typical aspects of using a management server in the system architecture are:

  • Distributed user and role configurations.
  • Each physical server has all users and roles.
  • Management server holds server list, layouts, and macro configuration.
  • Clients all log in to the management server.
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Case Study

Tamdeen Group

TKH Security Solutions for Tamdeen Group: Enhanced Security & Efficiency

The Tamdeen Group of companies has grown into a driving force of development in the State of Kuwait to become a dynamic regional powerhouse. Innovation and diversity are the main pillars of the group with a focus on real estate, investment and entertainment.

The Challenge

TKH Security were tasked with the implementation of their Video Management System in 10 retail, entertainment and hospitality facilities such as the 360 Mall, Al Kout Mall, the Hyatt regency Hotel, SAMA Centers, the Souq Al Kout project and a state-of-the art international Tennis complex.

Working with such high-profile facilities, the main challenges focussed on:

  • Compliance with the recent and stringent Ministry of Interior Regulations for Video Surveillance that were implemented in Kuwait.
  • Event Driven Management – Through combination our Video Management and Access Control system for an increased level of facility security based on customer requirements.
  • Video Content Analytics – Crucial for use in public/crowded facilities with a focus on vehicle verification and intrusion detection.
Image illustrating TKH Security's implementation of their Video Management System in prominent retail, entertainment, and hospitality venues.
  • Efficient Data Management – Recording video from cameras in the required frame rate and resolution, with the possibility of keeping it for a specified number of days.
  • Seamless Integration between our VMS, AC and Intrusion systems.

The Outcome

  • Implementation of our Video Management System across 10 large scale facilities. 
  • Heightened security through innovative functionalities, giving the client a comprehensive overview of all cameras, alarm systems, event-driven information, and access control. 
  • Customizable solutions that fit with local regulations and the challenges of running facilities with large visitor numbers and increased risks. 
Illustration depicting facility that benefits from TKH Security's Video Management System implementation.

The Solution

Working alongside the client to hit all objectives, we were able with comply with these requirements to offer a feasible and smart solution with our innovative Video Management System.

Manage events and react accordingly

Based on the customer requirements, event driven management procedures were implemented using our VMS where operators are automatically informed by an alarm when activity of interest takes place – especially important when monitoring areas where activity should not be taking place at specific times. 
Integration with the IPROTECT AC System was also implemented to add heightened security where the use of invalid cards or forced entry may occur. In the event of these activities happening, an alarm will be raised through the access control system alerting facility operators to act. 

Algorithms that Analyze events

Video Content Analytics (VCA) is now featured in all sites and uses algorithms to analyze video streams that can identify events through license plate recognition and intrusion detection.

Supporting data formats

When running and managing large areas that are prone to activities that compromise security, it is important for each facility to easily keep and share records with law enforcement agencies and mall management in a highly reliable, easily transferable format. TKH Security solutions support the client with easy to manage Native and MP4 export formats giving them peace of mind regarding data storage.

Prevent file deletion with non-override video tagging

To prevent files from being deleted, videos and metadata can be ‘tagged’ ensuring that files are kept with a non-override function until untagged. This is important to the client in keeping recordings that need to be stored in line with local regulations such as time frames of storage etc. 

Bookmark suspicious events

Operator bookmarks allow users to flag those moments of interest for a specific camera, accompanied by user-defined text, which is always assigned to a specific camera, date, and time. Our system is fully functional across all Tamdeen facility locations, allowing them to bookmark different kinds of events that need to be kept for future reference. 

One stream, multiple receivers

In CCTV, Multicast is a method of sending one video stream to a group of interested receivers in a single transmission where the stream is copied and pasted to all requesting receivers. Throughout the projects with Tamdeen Group, multiple streams & Multicast technology has been used to reduce the network load and was a particularly important function across the 10 facilities to use one stream for the clarity of operations.  

Video management integration

Crucial to the client’s request was to have one central control room for their multiple facilities in the future without additional investment – a function that our highly customizable solution supports and one of the features that boosted our credentials for selection by the Tamdeem Group.
Controlling the Video Surveillance, Access Control, and Intruder Alarm system, the client and facilities will benefit from one graphic user interface that provides complete ease of operations.  

Tariq Anwer

Sales Director Middle East & West Asia at TKH Security

“Securing a crowded location like a mall is challenging,” states Tariq. “In highly dynamic environments like this, the mood can change in a split second. That is why it’s paramount to implement an easy-to-use video security system that supports the security officers’ tasks. We train the security operators to work with our state-of-the-art security system and educate them about the special surveillance analytics that provide intelligence about the security status.”

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