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Asset & Site Management Solutions

We Enhance the Resilience of Your Unmanned Critical Infrastructure Sites.

Certain processes are so essential to society that failure can lead to serious social disruption and poses a threat to national economy, security and health.

Building resilience

Unmanned network locations in the public domain are vulnerable to vandalism and sabotage. Damages not only have financial consequences, but also on the availability of your services, and to the reputation of your organisation. Physical security and continuous monitoring are essential for better protection.

Total Cost of Ownership

Various environmental conditions can negatively influence the lifespan of your valuable assets. If these conditions take on undesirable values for a longer period of time, they will sooner lead to disruptions and breakdowns. Repair/replacement costs unnecessarily drive up the Total Cost of Ownership.

Access Control

Is it your own Service technicians and/or Subcontractors that need to have access to the unmanned locations for connection management and maintenance? As the Network Operation Center, it is crucial to maintain control, ensuring that access is granted appropriately. It’s essential to understand who requires access, the specific locations, the timing, and the reasons for access.

Key Management

Adequate centralised Key Management is essential for the security of your vulnerable and costly assets. The processes of issuing, returning, and managing keys, along with concerns about loss, unauthorized duplication, and mishandling, can result in a vulnerable and expensive management system. Your priority lies in ensuring security, as well as optimizing efficiency to save both time and resources.

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