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ATLAS Access

ATLAS Access by TKH Security: Simplify Access Management

ATLAS is our access control system as a service which allows Employees, System Administrators and Visitors to access a building. Its simplicity and seamless user experience comes from its complete integration with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Entra ID!

We call it simply – access at hand. 

How it works


Values for Employees

Transition to Digital Access 

ATLAS lives by the golden rule of “access at hand” through your mobile. It’s not just about simplifying how you move around the office; it’s about enhancing security with virtual access cards securely stored in the ATLAS Access mobile application. Welcome to convenience and empowerment in the palm of your hand!

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Transition to Digital key Access with ATLAS: Convenience and Security

Self-service Portal

ATLAS makes access a breeze! Every employee can smoothly interact with our Single Sign-On protected Web Portal, connecting their device hassle-free. Need to replace a device? You can handle everything easily within the Web Portal.

We get it – flexibility matters. ATLAS has something for everyone. Hybrid workers? Check out our dedicated page to handle your office days. And for those who want access all year round, ATLAS allows user groups permanent entry without the fuss of constantly booking visits.

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ATLAS Self-service Web Portal: Seamless Access Management

Improved Visitor Management Procedure  

Say goodbye to visitor badges and unnecessary paperwork! ATLAS takes the hassle out of hosting guests in your facility by seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Outlook, elevating the entire experience. Just input the visitor’s email address, select a meeting room, and send! Guests receive an invitation to download the ATLAS Access mobile application and can visit your facility.

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ATLAS Visitor Management: Streamlined Integration for hosting guests in your facility.

Values for Facility Managers  

Native Entra ID

Experience a new level of efficiency with ATLAS’s seamless connection to Microsoft Entra ID, your go-to hub for all user-related matters. This integration guarantees a smooth flow of role-based access. Any changes you make in Entra ID, such as adding or removing employees, instantly reflect in ATLAS—no need for double work.

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ATLAS Integration with Microsoft Entra ID: Seamless Efficiency in User Management

Save time 

Optimize your workflow with ATLAS – no more cards, just pure convenience. ATLAS supports mobile-only, virtual access cards, making access a breeze. It’s not just a feature; it’s a game-changer for efficiency that puts time back into your hands. Step into the future with ATLAS and enjoy effortless access management!

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ATLAS Efficiency Boost: Mobile-only Virtual Access Cards

External users  

Take control with ATLAS! Easily add external users that are outside of your Microsoft ENTRA ID on the Web Portal, granting them access to specific doors. Whether it’s installers enhancing your system via the ATLAS Config app or designated groups such as cleaners and maintenance personnel requiring entry – it’s smooth and straightforward. ATLAS lets you decide when and where they get access. Simple, right? It’s not just managing access; it’s total control over your facility’s security!

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ATLAS External User Management: Seamless Integration and Total Security Control via the Web Portal

Values for Installers

One click commissioning  

Experience unparalleled convenience with ATLAS Config – an effortless one-click solution for lock commissioning. Wake up the lock, click, and within a minute, seamlessly add it into the Web Portal. It’s not just about ease; it’s a harmonious blend of convenience and speed.

Empower your installers through secure invitations, granting them access not only to the system, but also to configure the locks. Beyond one-click commissioning, ATLAS Config puts you in control, simplifying complexity and securely bringing your locks to life.

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ATLAS Config: Empowering Installers with One-Click Lock Commissioning

Wireless installation  

No complicated cables mean quicker installation, saving time and costs – just a simple and efficient process.

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ATLAS Integration with DOM Security: Wireless Installation Efficiency
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