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ATLAS Access

ATLAS is our access system as a service which allows users to manage access to a building, which includes reserving workspaces and meeting rooms via mobile devices. Its simplicity comes from its complete integration with the tools we use daily in the office! ATLAS provides a seamless user experience for all users – employees, system administrators and visitors. We call it simply – access at hand.

How it works


Values for employees

Transition to Digital Access

ATLAS follows the core principle of “access at hand” by supporting mobile devices. This not only simplifies moving around the office, but also increases the security of the building with virtual access cards stored in ATLAS Access.

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Simplified Reservation Procedure

Companies are adopting modern ways of working and employees need a straightforward way to book a working space.

With ATLAS, this is simplified:

  • Access by Exception. By default, employees only get access when needed. Therefore, a visit must be booked through the web portal first, giving updated access rights using a virtual card.
  • Every person who booked a visit with ATLAS will have a place to work.


ATLAS also has a module dedicated to employees that need year-round access. It is possible to grant specific user groups permanent access, meaning that they do not need to keep booking visits to the office. ATLAS simplifies the process of reservations and accessing an office for companies and their employees.

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Improved Visitor Management Procedure

To obtain a visitor badge, every office visitor typically needs to fill in forms with their personal information. With ATLAS, we have fully integrated with Outlook from Microsoft, to provide a smooth flow for hosting any guests visiting your facility.

By simply inserting a visitor email address, employees can pick a room where the meeting will take place, with guests receiving an invitation to download the ATLAS mobile application. Visitor access cards will then be generated for a period specified in the meeting details.

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Values for facility managers

Streamlined User Management Procedures

ATLAS was designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible – configured so that user management is carried out directly in Microsoft Entra ID with user groups synchronized with the platform and mix of data.

There are two main activities that ATLAS allows administrators to perform:

  • Setting up user groups.
  • Granting them access to the right doors.
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Setting Up User Groups

ATLAS synchronizes user groups with the company’s Entra ID. There is no additional manual input needed to have all employees within ATLAS Access. The admin can decide which user group has which rights within ATLAS. This is how you can configure different roles for provisioning, commissioning, and administration.

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Linking User Groups to Correct Doors

All locks added to ATLAS can be connected to the right user group in a simple way. Admins based on the user group choose which door they should have access to. This is a very smooth process that is easy and efficient to carry out.

ATLAS allows admins to connect locks to already existing rooms in Entra ID, which are also displayed in Outlook and provide seamless access to all people invited for a particular meeting.

The advantages of using ATLAS’ Entra ID connectivity include:

  • Role-based access control for physical access is fully automated.
  • Administration, provisioning, and configuration roles are separated.
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Values for installers

User-friendly Setup

With ATLAS based on the integrations and usage of your office tools, it is simple and straightforward to implement, resulting in system administrators saving time while setting up the system. All user management is done within Microsoft Entra ID, while lock configuration and installations are carried out by installers.

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Wireless Installation

ATLAS works with DOM Security hardware of diverse types such as handles, cylinders, and door controllers. DOM Security produces wireless locks, which means there are no cables involved during the process of installation. This undoubtedly improves the experience and significantly reduces the time required to finish full installation, leading to lowered costs.

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Security and Privacy by Design

Security and Privacy by Design

ATLAS’ security level (SL) is determined by comparing it to the IEC62443 standard, with SL2 as our desired aim. The system is periodically subjected to (external, independent) PEN testing using defined rules to determine and assess its suitability for the industry (OWASP).

ATLAS is GDPR compliant. We completely understand how and what types of data are processed, with privacy running deep in our values. We guarantee to preserve your information inside the European Union.

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