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Asset & Site Management System

We Enhance the Resilience of Your Unmanned Critical Infrastructure Sites.

Certain processes are so essential to society that failure can lead to serious social disruption and pose a threat to the national economy, security, and health.

What constitutes Critical Infrastructure?

Vital Infrastructure covers critical sectors with 24/7 management needs and high-consequence assets.

Examples include:
Energy, Drinking water, Telecom/ICT, Transportation, Financial systems, Public order & Safety, National Defence.

Challenges for Critical Infrastructure: Access Control

Vital Infrastructure sites face challenges such as sabotage, unauthorized access, and vulnerability due to conventional locks and easily copied keys.

VI sites also battle with:

  • Keyholder procedures that can be time consuming, inefficient and costly.
  • Carelessness, disinterest, and inaccurate Key Management.
  • Lack of control over who has access to certain locations and at what time.

What is TKH Security ASM?

Our Asset and Site Management solution addresses pain points in unmanned Vital Infrastructure sites, offering essential security features such as

Security Surveillance

Giving you peace of mind that your unmanned Vital Infrastructure is getting the attention it needs, round the clock!

Environmental Monitoring

Gives access to operators who can manage, monitor and read all functionalities of Vital Infrastructure from one centralized network operations centre.

24/7 operation

Vital Infrastructure doesn’t operate in cycles, it’s designed to be a constant, operating 24/7, which is what our system does to support your site with all the above, day-in, day-out.

Main Value

Unmanned network locations in the public domain are vulnerable to vandalism and sabotage. Damages not only have financial consequences, but also on the availability of your services, and to the reputation of your organisation. Physical security and continuous monitoring are essential for better protection.

Various environmental conditions can negatively influence the lifespan of your valuable assets. If these conditions take on undesirable values for a longer period of time, they will sooner lead to disruptions and breakdowns. Repair/replacement costs unnecessarily drive up the lower case total cost of ownership

Is it your own Service technicians and/or Subcontractors that need to have access to the unmanned locations for connection management and maintenance? As the Network Operation Center, it is crucial to maintain control, ensuring that access is granted appropriately. It’s essential to understand who requires access, the specific locations, the timing, and the reasons for access.

Adequate centralised Key Management is essential for the security of your vulnerable and costly assets. The processes of issuing, returning, and managing keys, along with concerns about loss, unauthorized duplication, and mishandling, can result in a vulnerable and expensive management system. Your priority lies in ensuring security, as well as optimizing efficiency to save both time and resources.

Main Functionalities

Temperature and Humidity monitoring

Using TKH Security’s APOLLO solution, temperature and humidity can be monitored using a threshold limit that when exceeded alerts an operator, prompting corrective action.

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Shock and Tilt scenarios

These have the possibility to damage equipment that can become displaced and broken. Using three-dimensional motion detection, an operator alarm is raised when a tilt threshold of more than 25 degrees occurs.

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Intrusion Detection

Using a passive infrared sensor, scenarios of potential intrusion can be detected through monitored inputs that can alert operators of potential threats.

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Fire Detection

Featuring an optical smoke detector, monitored inputs deliver crucial information to oversee this risk.

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Access Control

Door readers/contacts, which utilize card or Bluetooth technology, enable seamless entry and management, reducing the risks and challenges associated with lost or poorly managed keys.

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Optional Integration

Optional integrations with video surveillance and verification functionalities allow for the possibility of audio communication to a Network Operation Center via intercom.

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Universal I/O functionalities allow for connecting third-party systems to your locations such as climate control and backup power based on your needs.

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Flood Detection

With water sensors installed, our system sends an operator alert when a limit is reached, allowing for the appropriate action to be taken to avoid equipment damage.

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Case Study

Deutsche Glasfaser

Established in 2012 by the Dutch firm Reggeborgh, Deutsche Glasfaser deliver fibre to the home (FTTH) in regions of North Rhine-Westphalia, Schleswig-Holstein, Bavaria and Lower Saxony, for 100 or 200 Mbps internet, television and VoIP telephone communication services.

The Challenge

  • Protecting Critical Infrastructure sites against intruders and the elements, including fire, temperature, humidity, and power failures.

  • Implementing an electronic Access Control system that would provide critical information about site security and enable remote access to maintenance technicians and other required personnel.

  • To streamline key handling processes.

The Outcome

  • Implementation of our AC system for electronic access control and remote access to areas for maintenance technicians and personnel at DGF Sites.
  • Heightened security at VI locations with intrusion detection and reporting features that provide crucial information on the presence of people at unmanned sites.
  • Environmental monitoring for crucial information on humidity, temperature, flood, and fire detection.

The Solution

APOLLO controllers

Installed in every PoP (Point of Presence) location, APPOLLO controllers support the delivery of a fully automated key management system that can be controlled remotely.

Environmental monitoring

APOLLO enables temperature and humidity monitoring at Deutsche Glasfaser’s unmanned sites. Exceeding threshold limits triggers operator alerts for timely corrective action.

Heightened security at unmanned sites

To enhance security at unmanned sites, passive infrared sensors were implemented. These sensors detect and report intrusions through monitored inputs, ensuring peace of mind and a prompt operator response.

Seamless access management procedures

A key priority was electronic Access Control and remote access for maintenance technicians and personnel. Our AC solution, utilizing card/Bluetooth technology, ensures seamless and efficient entry, eliminating the need for traditional keys.

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Frank Merkel

Responsible for PoPs at Deutsche Glasfaser

“APOLLO contributes to a reduction of the total maintenance costs of the glass fibre network. For example, we get a notification if the air-conditioning in a PoP gets too high and therefore the A/C needs to be used more than usual”. 

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