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Below you’ll discover answers to commonly asked questions about our products and services. We’re committed to providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions. More information? Please don’t hesitate to email your Regional Account Manager or and we’ll be happy to assist you further.


The M5 smart-sensor housing has a seal rating of IP66, preventing the ingress of water and dirt from the advanced electronics. Plus, our parking systems are field proven in extreme conditions ranging from Canada to Saudi Arabia. Concrete proof our technology is able to perform at a peak level, day after day, even in the world’s most challenging environments.

Equipped with two CMOS digital cameras, each smart-sensor can simultaneously monitor up to six parking spaces, three on each side, including between vehicles. By being able to monitor multiple areas at once, you can be on the lookout for suspicious activity in a more efficient way than ever before. Plus, since recordings can be saved up to 90 days, security can easily work with authorities when needed.

Each M5 smart sensor has an LED light bowl, which can be programmed to display thousand of colors to denote special-purpose spaces, including green for standard, blue for handicapped, orange for premium, purple for electric vehicles, etc, to indicate available and red to indicate occupied. Your desired colors can best represent the sections in your facility.

The Park Assist solution provides wayfinding signage for each key decision point in the parking experience via both flat panel display (LCD) and variable message signs (VMS). Often found near entrances or elevators, LCD signs can display dynamic, customizable real-time content such as parking guidance, special events/promotions, and scheduled maintenance. Located within garages at decision points, VMS signs can announce the number of available spaces at each garage or surface lot, indicate the number of spaces available on each level/section, or be used as directional in-aisle pointers.


Yes. Plus, you’ll have a secure connection to a limitless set of third-party parking-related solutions. With an ever-evolving array of complementary functionalities, this feature extends your data mining capabilities.

The Park Assist solution’s integrated LPR makes it easy to identify and report suspicious vehicles by keeping track of vehicles entering and exiting your garage at any given time. The various software modules available use LPR to: automatically monitor who is parking in what section of the parking garage, send instant alerts for VIP arrival or when someone parks where they aren’t allowed to, and maintain a complete inventory of parked vehicles.

Our autonomous, camera-based smart sensors stream HD video to the central database. Since these cameras capture footage 24/7, your facility can perform real-time monitoring of occupancy and activity with interactive dashboards using live data. The Park View Surveillance add-on software module can capture streaming video when motion is detected or continuously. By being able to monitor multiple areas at once, you can be on the lookout for suspicious activity in a more efficient way than ever before. Plus, since recordings can be saved up to 90 days, security can easily work with authorities when needed.

Client Support

Without giving away the secret sauce, the data-driven Park Assist solution regularly gathers smart-sensor images from every parking space across an entire site at designated times. After analyzing the data, facility managers are regularly provided a detailed report, proving the accuracy of the APGS in a tangible way.

Our maintenance service options perform far beyond a basic check on system operation; they follow detailed, holistic methodology addressing every aspect of the sensor network, from hardware to software, and accuracy. Including numerous proactive measures to ensure APGS operation, we offer several maintenance plan options.

We provide comprehensive support from the initial Project Management phase through the installation process, regardless of who is responsible for installing the system. Post installation, Client Services and Maintenance Support work with you to ensure you receive the best possible service and support so that you can focus on delivering an outstanding parking experience to your customers.

The Park Assist Solution

  • Improved parking efficiency: The APGS can guide drivers to available parking spaces quickly and accurately, reducing the time spent searching for a parking spot and increasing the utilization of the parking facility.
  • Increased safety: In real-time, the cameras can capture images in and around parking spaces, helping to identify potential hazards, obstructions, or safety concerns that could pose a risk to parkers or pedestrians.
  • Reduced traffic congestion: By guiding parkers to available parking spaces efficiently, the APGS can reduce traffic congestion in and around the parking facility.
  • Cost savings: The APGS can help to reduce the need for additional parking lot staff or infrastructure, leading to potential cost savings for the facility operator.
  • Enhanced customer experience: The convenience and ease of use of the APGS can improve the overall customer experience, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

We understand cost is an important consideration for our potential clients. However, it’s challenging to provide an exact price for an APGS as the cost varies depending on several factors.  Each system we provide is custom-built for each client’s specific location(s) and parking needs. The cost depends on the number of surface lots, parking structures, and parking spaces the APGS is designed for.

Additional factors, affecting the cost, are the technology used and the number of sensors needed for the client’s parking facility or campus. We offer a range of smart sensor options that provide accurate vehicle detection and real-time information. Optional hardware and software add-ons can be incorporated into the system to enhance its functionality as well.

Overall, the cost of an APGS is dependent on a variety of factors unique to each client’s specific parking needs. We encourage interested clients to contact us for a consultation to discuss their parking requirements, allowing us to provide a detailed cost estimate.

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