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Security Management Solutions

Comprehensive Integration: Access Control, Video Management System, and Security Management System by TKH Security.

Your Security, Captured in a Nutshell.

Integration Functionalities

Autonomous security systems like fire detection, intrusion detection, access control, intercom, and video management lack standardization, making data interpretation and validation difficult.


Our SMS integrates various systems, accommodating supplier-specific protocols and technical limitations. This enables flexible information exchange in areas of:

  • Video management
  • Access control
  • Parking management
  • Intrusion detection
  • Fire detection
  • Intercom
  • Building management
  • Incident management
Integrated Security with our Security Management Solutions

Offline, Online Access

Facilities require high-speed access to multiple passages, while also requiring locking mechanisms for less frequently used areas with different access requirements.

The Solution

Offline and Online Access locks cater to both scenarios in a facility, providing online access card readers for frequent use and offline electronic door locks with integrated readers and batteries for infrequent use, eliminating the need for cabling.

Offline & Online Access Locks: Versatile Solutions for Facilities. Secure Access Control.

Mobile App

IPROTECT Cloud follows the core principle of “mobile is key” by supporting mobile devices. This applies to both using and creating/assigning rights to locks and individuals.

Access management to a building:     

  • One mobile app for our online readers and DOM locks for Android and iOS.
  • Simplification of card handling process for access control systems which unburdens system administrators and end-users in both an operational and logistical way.
  • No physical card management needed for mobile devices.
  • Data on mobile – Access rights and events are sent directly to or from the mobile device.


Setup and update management of hardware such as locks and readers:      

  • Use mobile app to update locks.
  • Possibility to seamlessly switch from offline to online locks in order to update them.
IPROTECT Cloud Mobile App: Streamlined Access Management Solutions

Multi-Tenant Office

Managing access to individual office spaces or floors in a multi-tenant building can be challenging, particularly when multiple users are involved.

The Solution        

Access Control helps property owners manage access for their tenants in a flexible and friendly way. Through distributed rights each tenant has the possibility to manage their visitors through this GDPR compliant system.

Multi-Tenant Office Access Control: Simplified Access Management Solutions

Interactive Floorplans

How do you monitor security in an efficient way when it comes to one, or multiple facilities?

The Solution

Floorplans is an interactive platform that seamlessly integrates crucial daily use activities that can be tailored for each type of user with a number of possible options such as:

  • Opening a predefined report
  • Live control and management of objects such as cameras and card readers
  • Area counters that help manage parking lot numbers
  • Opening a menu item
  • Viewing historical events of an object
  • Showing objects with a definable deviation
Tailored Security Monitoring Solutions with Interactive Floorplans

Fully Customizable Monitor Layouts

In video management, it's crucial to display event-related information on operator desks and video walls in a manner that is both effective and visually appealing.

The Solution

You can customize your event’s display to suit your needs by choosing from over 20 different pre-configured panel layouts.

Customizable Monitor Layouts for Video Management

Event Driven Management

You need to protect against a variety of activities and threats that may arise from different scenarios, at any given time.

The Solution    

Events can trigger notifications that can be displayed along with the cause of detection.

Event Driven Management: Prompt Notifications and Detection

Server based Video Content Analytics

Sometimes, it can be challenging to distinguish between suspicious behavior and harmless activities. In some cases, events in a particular area of your facility can signify the need for further action.

The Solution    

If the conditions of the event rules are met, they will be marked and stored in the database and displayed in the event list/ presented on related monitor layout(s).

Algorithms can analyze your video streams based on:

  • CarR – License plate recognition.
  • ObjectR – Object detection.
  • ObjectC – Object classification.
  • ColorD – Color detection.
  • FaceD – Face detection.
  • SceneR – Scene change detection.
Server-based Video Content Analytics: Enhanced Security Solutions

System Performance Monitoring

From detecting and resolving issues to capacity planning and optimization, it is crucial to have a comprehensive monitoring tool in place for optimal system performance.

The Solution    

An overview page gives detailed stats about recording and bandwidth usage for each device, making it easy to check settings and identify potential problems.

System Performance Monitoring: Comprehensive Tools for Optimization
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