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Shrines are safe with us @ The Jasna Góra Monastery in Częstochowa, Polen

Security Management 05.11.2023

Last week, Marcel van Kersbergen, our Sales & Export Manager, had the honor of representing TKH Security at the renowned Jasna Góra Monastery in Częstochowa, Poland.Accessing secure areas has never been simpler.

The reason?

An invitation to showcase our vision and solutions for safeguarding Shrines, places of worship dear to the hearts of many.

This was part of the European-funded SHRINE’s Project, with an impressive €1.3 million budget dedicated to the use of innovative technologies for the protection of places of worship. Discover more here: SHRINE’s Project

Marcel’s presentation, ‘Shrines are safe with us,’ seamlessly blended expert insights with a live demo of our VDG SENSE Video Management system—a testament to our commitment to protecting these sacred spaces.

The event united passionate representatives from across Europe, all dedicated to preserving Shrines in their respective countries using innovative technologies.

A big thanks to system integrator Abikus, partner of C&C Partners , for inviting us to participate and contribute to this meeting. In this Monastery, Abikus has implemented top-tier security solutions like IPROTECT, VDG SENSE, and Siqura cameras, with over 400 cameras meticulously monitored in the control room of this shrine!

Special thanks also to everyone involved in this incredible experience, and to the SHRINE’s Project for fostering collaboration in the name of preserving faith and history.

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