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ATLAS: Access at hand. Meet The Team!

Innovations Security Management 05.01.2024

Behind ATLAS stands a dedicated team, working towards a collective vision to provide an industry disruptive Access Solution. Take a closer look at their personal experiences with ATLAS:

Danny – Product Owner
“It’s incredible to start a project from scratch and have all kinds of people and stakeholders become enthused about it.”

Leon – Business Manager – One of the founders of ATLAS responsible for the entire development team and product strategy.
“Being stubborn on product vision and flexible on details helped to achieve the goals we defined for ATLAS.”

Bert – Technical Team Lead
“Installing at our first real customer and having happy users afterwards was my favorite moment.”

Guus – Software Engineer (Backend and Token Authority)
“The beauty about ATLAS is that we can use it in so many ways. I’ve heard ideas of locker-rental, hotel rooms, and even apartment buildings. Right now, our focus is on offices big and small.”

Mustafa – Embedded Specialist (Integrating DOM Hardware/Locks in ATLAS)
“How is ATLAS different from what’s out there? – It’s seamless integration in an existing System (Office 365)!”

Viktoria – Product Owner
Optimizing backlog, bridging communication between stakeholders, management, customers and the development team.
“ATLAS was built to be simple. It doesn’t require extensive training to transfer the knowledge of how it works. Nothing is overcomplicated but rather easy and convenient.”

Wim – Senior Software Developer
“My favorite moment? Delivery for the first customer!”

Ewaryst – Full Stack Developer (Working mainly on the backend)
“I think my passion for programming and software engineering was crucial. I’ve learned a lot about developing cloud-native applications in AWS.”

Patryk – QA Engineer
With new technologies (AWS), it pushed me to learn new ways of working and new tools.

Radek – Frontend Developer
“Favorite moment? Implementation at the first client. I’ve been in this project since its inception – it’s very nice to experience the whole process from the first line of code to the production launch.”

ATLAS Access is our solution created with unity, expertise and passion. We are proud to have been there at every step, together challenging ourselves to create this innovative platform. Want to know how we set up our dynamic team structure? Look out for the next project ATLAS post! You can also find out more information about ATLAS by clicking here.