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Interview with Bert

“There is time, space and money to experiment with new initiatives.”

How did you end up here?

“Almost a year ago I was consciously unemployed for a while. The reason for this was that I wanted to take the necessary time to find a company in which I can learn instead of only transfer my knowledge.”

In addition, I wanted to work with advanced modern techniques to build cool stuff. As you might know there is a large hunt on developers and also on me. Out of every opportunity I have been given, TKH Security was the winner. This had to do with the career perspective. The company is always evolving, and it is very much appreciated that employees are too. There is a large budget available for training and a willingness to learn new things. That counts for the whole company as for the people who work there. I am very happy with my choice.


I learned a lot of new things this year and because of the merger the source of knowledge has grown bigger and bigger. My expectations came true.

“What I greatly appreciate is that there is time, space and money to experiment with new initiatives. This counts for both personal and technical initiatives.”

Can you give an example?

Yes. I have a past with SCRUM and I wanted to do something with this. This ‘something’ means nowadays that I coach the complete R&D team in Zoetermeer in this. And what do you know; more time, space and money for a personal initiative.

How many colleagues do you have in your department?

That is a hard question, because my team is working from different locations. The size of the team is eight people, and the department consists of thirty people. There is a lot of work that is done remotely, because we are working with a lot of nationalities. For example, we have Polish colleagues that are team members. To keep the connection strong we work with Microsoft Teams, we do daily video standups, and we meet online.

“The diversity makes it fun. We have Ukrainians, Poland, Indians, French… All those different flavors make beautiful dishes! We make a nice bunch of nerds together! [laughs]”

Do you organize hackathons?

Yes, we do this every month. We then can create something we invented ourselves. This gives us creative freedom what leads to new insights and solutions. Because of this we solve bugs, create reporting tools and features that are integrated as part of the releases. And this is during regular working hours. So, no late nights and pizza, but you can go home to your family for a nice dish.