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Interview with Grant

“No one takes themselves too seriously and are always willing to help when help is needed.”

Interview with Grant. Can you tell us what your job function is? 

I’m the Service Delivery Manager for APAC branch, I have a team of 4 x amazing Service Coordinators and 1 x Intern. My role is to ensure the team delivers valuable services that delight our customers whilst supporting/maintaining their systems at their optimum performance levels. To put this into layman’s terms, most of our time is spent on managing break/fixes across our client sites and most importantly, managing client engagement/relationships.  

How long have you been working here? 

I have been with TKH Security for almost 8 years now…Wow, I feel really old answering that question 😊. My first 7 years, I was working in the Projects team as a Project Manager. So being able to transfer that site knowledge and technical ability to the Service team has not only helped me transition to this new role but has also helped my team gain better knowledge on some of the more technical issues we see on a day-to-day basis.  

Why so long?

No one else will hire me!! HAHA Just jokes!  

The easiest answer I can give you is culture. Our branch is made up of (~20) well rounded individuals that understand the important concept of working together and keeping you grounded.  

What characterizes your colleagues? 

Oh boy, I could really have some fun with this question… I will, however, keep it professional – Just this once!! A word that comes to mind is fun, as stressful as all our jobs can be sometimes, you will regularly hear laughter and positive conversations happening throughout the office. No one takes themselves too seriously and are always willing to help when help is needed. One of the great things we do at the end of each month is head out of the office on a Friday for an hour or two to catch up, play some table tennis, basketball or whatever it is that we’re doing for that week. This brings the team together and adds a level of competition, especially in basketball.    

Outside of work? 

I have a wife and 2 x dragons; my eldest dragon is Izzy (10yrs) old, and my other is Ollie (8yrs) old who has red hair and a mullet. If you don’t know what a mullet is, go and check it out and don’t judge me. When I’m not fixing PGS systems, you’ll find me at my kids sporting events, I’m the manager of Ollie’s Rugby League team. Finally, I live in the Blue Mountains, so I do a lot of mountain bike riding whenever I have some free time, which feels like never.