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Interview with Maren

“You do not just work here, you are part of something bigger and you want to make things happen.”

Tell us Maren, what brings you to TKH Security?

In October 2020 I started working at TKH Security. The position seemed diverse, and it offered me the opportunity to grow on a professional and personal level, which sounded exactly like what I was looking for. I felt very welcome during the job interviews, which is important for me. Working at the right place makes your work itself so much more fun. There is still more to learn at TKH Security for me, so I am looking forward to my future here.

Can you walk me through a typical day in this role?

As I have learned so far, there is not really a typical day within my job 😊 This is also what makes it challenging and fun at the same time. Every day there are different topics on my agenda.

Next to this, I am always available for colleagues with questions, issues they want to discuss or good news they want to share. During this period of Covid-19, I work partially from home and partially at the office, which gives me the flexibility to have focus time and face to face contact with my colleagues as well.

“One day I am more focused on the development of our HR policy and the next day my agenda is filled with meetings with colleagues, job applicants or external parties.” 
Why do you think other people would want to work here?

Our organization has a very open culture in which you feel welcome. We are all willing to help each other when necessary. We have many different departments, with different areas of expertise which creates room for every type of new talent looking to join our organization. Because of the different backgrounds (in education and culture) of our employees, great new ideas are always being proposed and implemented.

What do other people need to know about TKH Security?

It is an organization with ambition, which can also be seen in the hard work delivered by my colleagues.

“You do not just work here, you are part of something bigger and you want to make things happen.“

Many of my colleagues have worked here for over 20 years, but our newest colleagues are welcomed as if they have been here just as long. We are our own internal and external ambassadors, which is of great value.

Which characteristics are worth gold in this organization?

I think it is important to be open minded, innovative, and flexible. As we are still growing, our organization goes through some changes from time to time. Those changes create new opportunities for our employees to grow on a professional and personal level.

“If you are open to this, TKH Security is completely the right place for you! “