New Software Release 9.10 for iProtect

News, Top News - February 6, 2020

TKH Security has updated the software for its iProtect Security Management System. The new release 9.10 offers three exciting new features and further improvements to existing functionalities. iProtect 9.10 is currently available at TKH Security.

With the new release, TKH Security iProtect 9.10 now offers:

  • Support of the OSS-SO standard for offline door handles and cylinders
  • Provisioning of reader configurations
  • Extra features implemented (from standard EN60839-11 Grade 3 & 4)

Support of the OSS-SO standard for offline door handles and cylinders
iProtect has supported SimonsVoss SmartIntego (electronic) door handles and cylinders for several years now, whereby access rights are distributed to the door handles, via the access cards. Up-to-date access rights information is placed on the access cards using an online iProtect card reader with update function.

Similarly, with the new release, iProtect now also supports door handles and cylinders, which meet the OSS-SO standard (Open Security Standards – Standard Offline). This standard determines how access rights data is written on the access card. Various manufacturers of door handles have implemented the OSS-SO standard for their electronic door handles and cylinders, such as Assa-Abloy, DOM, Dorma-Kaba and Uhlmann-Zacher.

As a result of this new functionality, iProtect can be used to create an integrated access control solution with an even wider selection of offline door handles. In this way, the iProtect online card readers can be combined with offline door handles and cylinders from one high-quality access control system.

Provisioning of reader configurations
The new release of iProtect 9.10 also enables users to remotely provide the connected Pluto controllers with (modified) reader configurations. It is therefore no longer necessary to use the separate tool (hardware control applet) for all default reader configurations. This ensures efficiency gains during installation and when adding extensions.

Extra security features implemented (from standard EN60839-11 Grade 3 & 4)
With extended event detail storage, iProtect 9.10 supports comprehensive audit trails.

If you require any further information about the iProtect release 9.10, feel free to contact us.