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Revolutionizing Parking: How Automated Parking Guidance Systems Transform the Customer Experience

Park Assist Solutions 26.02.2024

Five years ago, a groundbreaking whitepaper unveiled the transformative impact of automated parking guidance systems (APGS) on customer experience and parking garage operations. The study, conducted in collaboration with Brisbane Airport Corporation, demonstrated a remarkable reduction in Time to Park, thanks to the camera-based M4 smart sensor. With nearly 1.2 million data points analyzed, the results were compelling: up to 63% reduction in Time to Park. This not only streamlined parking but also significantly improved consistency and predictability for operators, plus, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Today, the findings remain as relevant as ever. APGS solutions continue to offer enhanced security and safety in parking garages for customers and maximized efficiency and revenue for operators. Our APGS provides real-time guidance to parkers using camera-based M5 smart sensors and wayfinding signage. By guiding parkers seamlessly to vacant spaces, the system alleviates congestion, reduces search times, and ultimately elevates satisfaction levels. As the parking industry evolves, we’re committed to advancing innovation for garage owners and operators and ensuring parking experiences remain streamlined, consistent, and user-friendly for customers.

“Five years on, the insights from our whitepaper remain instrumental in shaping the future of the parking industry,” said Jeff Sparrow, Director of Sales, North America. “Parking truly is critical infrastructure.”

“Our camera-based smart parking systems are designed specifically for parking garages, rooftops, and surface lots. Using our APGS solutions, featuring advanced technology such as the M5 smart sensors, we continue to lead the way in enhancing customer experiences and optimizing garage operations. It’s about delivering tangible value to both parkers and operators alike,” Sparrow continued.

Dive into the study that’s still making waves in the parking industry and discover how to increase efficiency and revenue on a space-by-space basis whilst enhancing the customer experience. For more information, download the whitepaper or visit Products & Services.