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Wayfinding Signage

Next-generation parking guidance at every key decision point

Through the unique synergy of our camera-based smart-sensor automated parking guidance system (APGS) and customizable wayfinding signage, parkers are treated to a higher level of parking guidance technology and convenience from the moment they arrive and at key decision points.

  • Signs upon arrival. 
    For properties with multiple parking areas, a multi-facility sign announces the number of available spaces at each parking garage or surface lot. Continually updated, parkers can determine the best facility to park in at any given moment.
  • Secondary signage within a chosen garage. 
    Once a parker has decided to park in a specific parking garage, a dedicated monument wayfinding sign displays the number of available parking spaces on each level.
  • Directional interior in-aisle pointers. 
    Once a parker has committed to searching for a parking space on a particular level, these smart signs enable a parker to make on-the-spot decisions (left, right, or straight) based on the number of available spaces.


Dynamic and customizable messaging for real-time updates

Utilizing LCD-NAV signs, you can easily engage and attract greater attention from customers by providing up-to-the-minute status updates at all entry and exit points of your parking garage or campus. Whether it’s providing parking guidance to potential parkers, alerting your customers of garage maintenance, or onscreen branding/promotional initiatives, the LCD-NAV enhances parking guidance, increases garage efficiency, and taps into additional revenue opportunities by communicating critical information more effectively

An all-in-one plug-and-play solution, the LCD-NAV features a weatherized commercial-grade 49” or 55” outdoor LCD display. With a full HD1080p resolution, this smart parking solution is ideal for outdoor use, with a bright and crisp display, even in direct sunlight. Using our content management system, INX, operators can change colors, add a company logo, and display dark or light themes, all effortlessly deployed at the touch of a button. The web-based content management system enables the wayfinding sign to be configured and monitored remotely.


Versatile, full-matrix LED displays for unprecedented design freedom

Parking facility operators have free rein to create and broadcast an expansive set of digital messages in millions of colors, including detailed 24-bit RGB custom graphics. Continuously adjustable, enhanced brightness pixels can be tightly aligned with brand and architecture palettes.

Variable message signs (VMS) are engineered to use Ethernet protocols with ethernet connectivity, greatly simplifying installation and operations while reducing related costs. Signs are sized for ready insertion into a wide variety of new and existing signage options, depending on the individual system scenario.


Digi-NAV signs are LED signs specifically designed for driver wayfinding

With adjustable brightness, this intelligent parking system product family includes a range of signs which can display counts, arrows, and recognizable parking symbols. All numbers and arrows are purpose designed, ensuring the messages can be clearly seen and easily recognized by drivers. Additionally, Digi-NAV signs are UL and CE certified, and have an IP54 rating.

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