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Telecom and Energy

Extensive solutions for telecom network companies.

Industry Challenges

  • The security of vital network infrastructure. Unmanned network locations such a point of presence (PoP), street cabinets and base stations are vulnerable objects for vandalism, sabotage and theft. Damage has financial consequences, but also on availability, service, and your reputation. Extensive detection of unwanted external influences is necessary for better protection. 
  • Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership. Various environmental factors influence the lifespan of your assets. If these environmental factors take on undesirable values for a longer period, this will sooner lead to disruptions and breakdowns along with repair/replacement costs that unnecessarily drive up the total cost of ownership. 
  • Adequate Access Control and Key Management for unattended network locations. Maintenance must be carried out at these unmannedlocations and connections, or network capacity must be adjusted. This is done by our own service technicians and/or by subcontractors. This is particularly important when dealing with vital network infrastructure, as it is essential to have accurate information about who requires access, when and where it is needed, and the reasons behind it.

Moreover, the key management system should be easily manageable, reliable, and cost-efficient to meet these requirements effectively.

Telecom-oriented solutions

Our Asset & Site Management system has been specifically developed for guarding, monitoring and access control of unmanned, decentralized, vital network locations. It is an all-in-one solution with the following features: 

Centralized Management System in combination with decentralized controllers for: 

  • Security: Fire detection, Intrusion detection with integration options for Video verification and Intercom, fencing detection, etc. 
  • Monitoring: Temperature, Humidity, Flood (water), Mains voltage, Shock, tilt. Free input and output contacts for reading and controlling, for example, climate control, emergency power supplies, etc. 
  • Access Control: Based on Mifare /DESFire ev2 card readers or Mobile Access application based on Low Energy Bluetooth technology. 

Tailor-made solutions for you

As a network company, you must prioritize network security and resilience against external threats. Unfortunately, Operational Technology’s physical security often receives minimal investment, leaving vulnerabilities.

Sabotage and interference have a profound impact on network availability, costs, and company reputation. The ASM system offers a valuable solution to enhance resilience in unmanned network locations. It also monitors factors like temperature and humidity, preventing equipment damage and reducing maintenance costs, effectively paying for itself.

Installing the system is easy. Each PoP type has its own composition of controller, sensors, and cable lengths – supplied by TKH Security as a set. The controller is screwed into a rack and the sensors are mounted and connected to the controller with color coded universal Ethernet cabling.

With a laptop and via the controller’s web page, a final check is performed to see if everything is properly connected and working correctly, and that’s it!

With the ASM solution, you get a comprehensive view of all physical deviations at remote locations. These deviations are displayed geographically on an overview screen. Simultaneously, on a second screen, operators can gain access to more detailed information about each alarm or event. The presence of on-site cameras allows the operator to visually verify reports and take appropriate actions for each alarm, including directing the right personnel if needed. The ASM System is highly extensive and customizable, offering the flexibility to tailor the graphical user interface according to your individual preferences.

Adding new locations is easy. The ASM Configurator works with preconfigured templates per PoP type. On entering the correct IP address, the location is added.

You are registered with a client in their system and possess the necessary training and credentials for maintenance work. Being officially accredited, the NOC grants you access to the location when required, and you can conveniently open the door using a mobile app instead of carrying a physical key. This not only saves time but also enhances security since your phone is unique and cannot be duplicated like keys can be.

Case Study

About Deutsche Glasfaser

Established in 2012 by the Dutch firm Reggeborgh, Deutsche Glasfaser deliver fibre to the home (FTTH) in regions of North Rhine-Westphalia, Schleswig-Holstein, Bavaria and Lower Saxony, for 100 or 200 Mbps internet, television and VoIP telephone communication services.

The Challenge

  • Protecting Critical Infrastructure sites against intruders and the elements including fire, temperature, humidity, and power failures.

  • Implementing an electronic Access Control system that would provide critical information on site security and enable remote access to maintenance technicians and other required personnel.

  • To reduce the risk and streamline key handling processes.

The Outcome

  • Implementation of our AC system for electronic access control and remote access to areas for maintenance technicians and personnel at DGF Sites.
  • Heightened security at VI locations with intrusion detection and reporting features that provide crucial information on people presence at unmanned sites.
  • Environmental monitoring for crucial information on Humidity/Temperature/Flood and Fire detection.

The Solution

Apollo controllers

Installed in every PoP location, APOLLO controllers support the delivery of a fully automated key management system that can be controlled remotely.

Environmental monitoring

Apollo enables temperature and humidity monitoring at Deutsche Glasfaser’s unmanned sites. Exceeding threshold limits triggers operator alerts for timely corrective action.

Heightened security at unmanned sites

To enhance security at unmanned sites, passive infrared sensors were implemented. These sensors detect and report intrusions through monitored inputs, ensuring peace of mind and a prompt operator response.

Seamless access management procedures

A key priority was electronic Access Control and remote access for maintenance technicians and personnel. Our AC solution, utilizing card/Bluetooth technology, ensures seamless and efficient entry, eliminating the need for traditional keys.

Icon quote

Frank Merkel

Responsible for PoPs at Deutsche Glasfaser

“Apollo contributes to a reduction of the total maintenance costs of the glass fibre network. For example, we get a notification if the air-conditioning in a PoP gets too high and therefore the A/C needs to be used more than usual”. 

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