TKH Security B.V. consist of three companies that are merged on July 1 2019: Keyprocessor, VDG Security and Flexposure.

Keyprocessor was a player in the field of access control, Security Management and Asset & Site Management. VDG Security provided flexible Security and Video Management systems. Flexposure was market leader in Parking Facility Management and Building Management systems. TKH Security is a member of TKH Group N.V.

Because the core activities of each of these companies were complementary to each other, Keyprocessor, VDG Security and Flexposure already worked together in integrated projects, even before the merger. The technological benefits together with the advantages for their customers led to this merger.

By combining these core activities and by being part of the TKH Group, which also includes companies such as Alphatronics, Commend and Siqura, it’s possible to offer total solutions in both software and associated hardware for:

  • Security Management
  • Video Management
  • Parking Facility Management
  • Asset & Site Management