TKH Security consist of seven companies that are merged on July 1 2019 and January 1 2021.

Aasset Security was a distributor in smart electronic security and safety systems with locations in France, Germany and Italy.

Flexposure was market leader in the Netherlands and Belgium in Parking Facility Management and Building Management systems.

Keyprocessor was a player in the field of Access Control, Security Management and Asset & Site Management.

Park Assist and ParkEyes head offices are located in the USA and Spain and offer unparalleled parking guidance solutions. The Park Assist and ParkEyes brands will be retained for the complete parking guidance product range, such as smart-sensors, software platforms and APIs, wayfinding signage, license plate recognition systems, video inspection systems, and lighting.

Siqura had multiple locations all over the world and had a strong position as a manufacturer in video surveillance hardware, such as security cameras, mobility cameras, marine cameras, explosion-proof and thermal cameras, IP video encoders, ethernet switches and fiber optic transmitters.

VDG Security was a manufacturer in flexible Security and Video Management systems.

Because the core activities of each of these companies were complementary to each other, we can offer our current and prospective customers worldwide smart security, safety and parking solutions that are easy to install, exceed customer expectations and enhance the user experience.

With the consolidation of activities, we have expanded our global reach with a strong position in Europe, North America, Australia, and multiple offices all over the world in both software and associated hardware for:
  • Security Management
  • Video Surveillance
  • Parking Facility Management
  • Parking Guidance
  • Asset & Site Management
We are a member of TKH Group N.V.