Asset & Site Management

Fully in control of your unmanned sites remotely. Easy to manage with just one dashboard.

Asset & Site Management

Unmanned sites are an important link in vital infrastructures. The continuity of various critical infrastructures strongly depends on security, access control and surveillance of these sites. When you want to secure and monitor critical locations 24/7, TKH Security has a suitable solution for you. Our Asset & Site Management solution offers you a combination of access control, surveillance and remote control.

Most important features
  • Access control
  • Visitors registration
  • Person authorization
  • Video surveillance
  • Monitoring of temperature, humidity, smoke development and leakage
  • Insight into malfunctions
  • Intrusion detection
  • Alarm notification to respond in time to irregularities
  • Managing of certificates
  • One clear, easy to customize, dashboard with live images
With our asset & site management solution unmanned technical sites are continuously monitored, whereby any irregularities immediately are signaled. This protects critical processes optimally. In addition, the solution offers remote access control, that can be managed with the central software. Visitors on location are always registered and inefficient key management is a thing of the past. The asset & site management solution is scalable and therefore can be easily expanded to multiple locations. The solution is unique because it integrates various systems and you can monitor and manage everything with just one dashboard.

Our asset & site management solution is developed in house with extensive experience and creativity and it meets the needs of the various market segments or we develop tailor made for you. With this solution you always have everything fully under control remotely and malfunctions and failures can be prevented more often. This saves you time and costs.

Market Segments

TKH Security offers smart and user-friendly security, video, parking facility, parking guidance and asset & site management solutions for a wide variety of market segments. For every specific market segment we work towards a perfect fit with our technological solutions.