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Case Study

Boon Edam

Boon Edam leads the industry in providing high-quality revolving doors, high-security entrances, and speed gates to customers worldwide. As a third-generation Dutch family business, they take pride in their deep knowledge and unwavering dedication to this specialized market. They are now approaching their 150th birthday, a momentous occasion celebrating a rich history of growth, perseverance, and success.

Image depicting the case study of Boon Edam's office building modernization by TKH Security.

The Challenge

To modernize the Boon Edam Head office with a secure cloud-based infrastructure, challenges centred around:

  • Having a customized overview of all floors with layouts to provide immediate focus on event-related information.
  • Transforming the way staff access doors, turnstiles and speed lanes by shifting from traditional access cards to a Mobile App.
  • Having one supplier of software, Mobile App, cloud services, and hardware.
Image showing the Boon Edam Head office building.

A Tailored approach

Working alongside the client and our trusted installer partners at Giant Security B.V., we implemented:

  • IPROTECT AC CLOUD – Our integrated solution for software, Mobile App, cloud services, and hardware, which reduces compatibility issues, streamlines operations, and fosters a cohesive technology ecosystem.
  • Access / Mobile App – Used in conjunction with IPROTECT Cloud to setup the communication between mobile devices and card readers which turns mobile phones into a virtual access card. Our readers are integrated directly into Boon Edam entrance and security products, providing a smooth solution that works seamlessly with IPROTECT for enhanced access control.
  • VDG SENSE Video Management System provides users with event driven macros that simplify trigger function setup for predefined events. This feature enhances system adaptability and efficiency, allowing users to easily customize responses to dynamic security situations.
Image showing a reception area of Boon Edam.

Floor Plans

Our Solutions

An intuitive interface within IPROTECT AC Cloud, Boon Edam can leverage:

  • Personalized menus.
  • Real-time event monitoring through cameras and card readers.
  • Alarm system control.
  • Customizable Reporting, providing valuable insights and data that align with the unique demands of their office.
Image showing people passing through a door with integrated security solutions.

The Outcome

  • This facilitates rapid responses to security incidents, efficient officewide monitoring, and improved safety measures, enabling security personnel to swiftly address threats and safeguard occupants.
  • When someone accesses the AC system, video footage is shown automatically. If an alarm triggers, operators can instantly view cameras in the IPROTECT AC interface.

Mobile App

Our Solutions

In line with our “mobile is key” principle, it features:

  • Easy registration: Users receive an invitation email with a QR code, inviting them through IPROTECT to download the Mobile App and either start using it or register their organization.
  • Flexibility: Per reader, users can customize their phone’s usage settings. This includes options such as requiring the phone to be unlocked prior to use, opening doors within a specified distance, or directly presenting the phone for specific tasks.
  • Heightened security of the building because it uses PKI (Public Key Infrastructure).
Image of speed gates that can be opened using IPROTECT Cloud Mobile App.

The Outcome

With TKH Security readers and Boon Edam entrance and security products, Moible App grants exclusive access to 200+ employees, eliminating the need for physical access cards, providing:

  • Simplified entry process along with added security to the building.
  • Improvement of overall operational efficiency at the office, reducing the risk of lost or stolen cards, and provides detailed access logs for better tracking and security management.

VDG SENSE Video Management

Our Solutions

Implemented as a server-based solution, our VMS ensures comprehensive and efficient video monitoring.


The Outcome

This installation has elevated staff safety and security, offering an impressive array of features that can be utilized by end-users, such as:

  • Video Storage: For preserving client footage for evidence and analysis. It ensures that valuable video data is securely retained, enabling investigations and audits to take place effectively.
Image showing individual walking through a speed gate with integrated security solutions.
  • Event-Driven Macros: Easy-to-use functions when pre-defined events occur and trigger actions.
  • Prioritizing Important Files: Valuable for maintaining a historical record of security incidents. This ensures that essential information is preserved at the office and is easily accessible for compliance, legal, or security purposes.

Security in the Cloud

Our Solutions

Our private TKH Security Cloud enables the client to elevate their security environment, offering enhanced control and heightened measures.


The Outcome

  • Availability: Ensuring that office applications and data are consistently accessible is crucial for maintaining productivity. Minimizing downtime risks, with the support of a dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC) in Amsterdam, helps to prevent disruptions and maintain smooth operations at Boon Edam.
Image showing revolving doors with integrated security solutions.
  • Robust Security Features: Encryption, threat detection, and identity management are paramount for safeguarding sensitive information in the office environment. They provide strong defenses against cyber threats, protecting data and maintaining the integrity of operations.

  • Scalable Resources: The ability to scale resources quickly is important for adapting to changing demands within a global organization like Boon Edam. This scalability optimizes cost efficiency, ensuring that resources are allocated effectively to meet workload variations without unnecessary expenses or performance bottlenecks.

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Sander Zonneveld

Regional Account Manager, TKH Security

“For Boon Edam’s head office building, our vision was to combine premium security with convenience for their staff through a custom approach to office needs. The result is that they now have the security in place to support daily office operations, with increased administrative efficiency, and a comprehensive security overview that enables them to promptly address issues.”

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