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Case Study

Gemeente Amstelveen

Located in the northern province of the Netherlands, Amstelveen town hall provides a wide range of important services to the residents of the town.

The Challenge

Working alongside Amstelveen, TKH Security were tasked with the implementation of a set of solutions needed to cover challenges that centered around:

  • Security of those providing services to the public.
  • Event-driven management – Through combining our Video Management and Access Control system for an increased level of facility security.
  • A web-based interface allowing security managers to change settings from any location.

The Outcome

  • Multi-location (Amstelveen and Aalsmeer) joined as one SMS and control room resulting in cost savings and improved efficiency. By centralizing resources and personnel, they can better coordinate operations and achieve greater flexibility in scheduling, ultimately enhancing productivity.
  • Implementation of our VDG SENSE VMS leveraging functionalities such as event-driven management. With our system, events trigger notifications that can be seen along with the cause of detection.
  • Manageable alarm procedures within IPROTECT AC that include security, technical, and general alarms. Following alarm activation, operators now have a good situational overview thanks to floorplans and know exactly which actions must be performed to reset the alarm.
  • Multi-credentials enabling employee access using cards and license plate recognition. Multi-purpose (Mifare DESfire EV2) card for employees that enables the use of different facilities around the building such as follow printing, desk reservation, locker management (opening boxes), and vehicle management platform (opening gates for cars).

The Solution

Working alongside the client and taking into consideration their specific security challenges, we were able to comply with these requirements through:

Providing an efficient and comprehensive overview of the security status on each floor using interactive floor plans combining alarms from AC and VMS. This functionality enables operators to get information on any events in the building and act accordingly. Particularly important when dealing with situations surrounding members of the public.

Alarm distribution gives the town hall of Amstelveen the option of implementing different types of alarm procedures. This feature notifies building operators of the type of alarm, such as security, technical, and general alarms, that will prompt the correct course of action based on the issue.

A central control room that can oversee burglar alarm and camera preferences. When an alarm is activated, a description prompt is given for a situational overview. Operators are therefore provided with the exact action(s) that must be performed before the alarm can be reset.

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