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Interview with Maurice

“Anyone who sparkles will feel right at home here.”

Please tell us in a non-commercial way why you like to work for TKH Security?

[laughs] Because we are at the start of expansion.

Please explain…

We recently combined specialized disciplines and because of this we can create concepts that were not there yet and are in great need. At the moment we are developing in the Netherlands our new generation software platform. This platform enables us to scale up through our entities in neighboring countries. The growth potential is a huge chance for our partners. They can expand because the organization is getting bigger, and projects are getting more comprehensive.

“We now have such valuable knowledge about communications and security, that employees not only transfer knowledge and skills, but also absorb them”

What do other people notice of what you do?

Almost everyone has something to do with what we do. When you are driving, for example, in a tunnel or parking garage, you are registered on the systems in which our technology is used. Huge data flows are brought together centrally so our customers can anticipate effectively on events. In this way we contribute to the safety of others.

Can you describe TKH Security in three words?


What do you like about growth?

What I like about growth is that together with the customer, we are increasingly looking for the best solutions in challenges that are getting more complex for end users. We’re creating long-lasting relationships by focusing on trust and involvement. In this way we can grow together with our customers. In the meantime, we have gathered a lot of developing power, knowledge and skills, so this is the moment we can scale up and that is exactly what we are doing right now. Growth brings a very special dynamic.

Last but not least, what do you want to tell the possible applicants?

You are at the start of something beautiful.

“It’s a vibrant organization and you’ll notice this as soon as you’re here. Anyone who sparkles will feel right at home.”