New software release 2.6.3 for VDG Sense Video Management System

New features, News, VDG Sense - March 25, 2020

TKH Security has updated the software for its VDG Sense Video Management System. The new release 2.6.3 offers new features and further improvements of existing functionalities. It can be downloaded by our clients from our website

Some of the new features of  the VDG Sense 2.6.3 release are:

  • PTZ presets & tours
  • Support of ANPR events from Siqura BL2002LPR camera
  • Expanded integration of Tattile ANPR cameras
  • More ADAM I/O modules supported

PTZ presets & tours
Pan, tilt and zoom preset and tour coordinates of supported cameras can now also be stored on the server instead of only in the camera. By saving the ‘absolute positions’ of these presets there is no need to reprogram after the camera has been replaced for service or maintenance. The presets can be set through the VDG Sense interface. Based on the presets several ‘tours’ can be programmed. A tour is a sequence of selected presets; on each preset the camera will halt for a certain time.

Support of ANPR events from Siqura BL2002LPR camera
Siqura’s BL2002LPR camera has a highly advanced and reliable on-board algorithm to scan license plates (LPR or license plate recognition, also ANPR or automated number plate recognition). The scan results are passed on and saved in the VDG Sense database. They are simultaneously compared against previously stored license plates or groups of license plates. The result of ‘plate found’ and ‘plate match’ events can be used in the VDG Sense macro engine, similar to our existing server-based license plate scan algorithm CarR. The Siqura BL2002LPR camera can be used in combination with a standard VDG Sense video channel license SP-VCH. This means total flexibility in using license plate recognition, either server-based or camera-based.

Expanded integration of Tattile ANPR cameras
In case more than only license plate scanning is required, our TKH Group company Tattile has a wide range of cameras available for many traffic-related solutions. In addition to receiving the data of scanned license plates VDG Sense now also supports events received from Tattile cameras with information about car type, brand, color and speed. All these different events can be used as a trigger in the powerful VDG Sense macro engine.

More ADAM I/O modules supported
The ADAM I/O (manufacturer Advantech) modules are used to interface VDG Sense with third-party systems, based on simple input and output contacts. The ADAM 6060 (NVH-IO in the TKH Security price list) has been expanded with the following models: ADAM-6250, 6251, 6256, 6260, 6266.

If you require any further information about the VDG Sense release 2.6.3 , feel free to contact us.