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Wij zorgen voor de veiligheid van mensen.
Zorgen voor veiligheid is één van de belangrijkste uitdagingen – van vandaag en morgen

Bij ons staat de mens centraal

Vertrouwen is fundamenteel voor onze manier van werken. Onze medewerkers kunnen op ons rekenen, elke dag, in elke situatie. Wij bouwen relaties op.

Wij zijn creatief

Wij streven ernaar om creatief te zijn, gedreven door enthousiasme en open voor nieuwe ideeën. Wij zijn initiatiefnemers van verandering in onze omgeving. Wij gaan uitdagingen aan en maken een positief verschil.

Wij zijn experts

Elke dag willen wij het beter doen dan gisteren. Dit is gebaseerd op onze competentie en het vertrouwen dat wij de kennis hebben om ons dagelijks leven ten goede te veranderen.


Maak kennis met ons team

“Together with colleagues, we strive to provide a good and quality security solution for every customer.”

In my previous position as project leader at an installation company, I already worked…

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“You communicate with all layers and departments of TKH security, but also with our customers. There are no barriers. It’s your (technical) challenge!”

At my previous job I came into contact with products from TKH because I worked with them…

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“We work and laugh hard!”

I am a C++ Software Developer and mainly I am working on the front end of our systems…

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“There is plenty of freedom to learn and try out!”

I was looking for a side job as a developer to combine with my studies in Software Engineering in Zoetermeer…

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“You do not just work here, you are part of something bigger and you want to make things happen.”

In October 2020 I started working at TKH Security. The position seemed diverse and it offered me…

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“On a typical day, I usually start by grabbing a coffee, setting the mood with music and beginning to build whatever is planned for that day.”

I was looking for a place where I could start my career in IT. At TKH Security I saw that there were…

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“Anyone who sparkles will feel right at home here.”

[laughs] Because we are at the start of expansion…

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“There is time, space and money to experiment with new initiatives.”

“Almost a year ago I was consciously unemployed for a while. The reason for this was that I wanted to take…

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“TKH Security is a company that adapts to every employee, which is key in a professional environment.”

Learning new cutting-edge technologies has been always a priority for me. When I considered a change…

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“I found in TKH Security what I was looking for: a great opportunity to challenging myself professionally.”

I’m currently working in the Projects department as a Project Engineer/Coordinator. I’m responsible…

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“No one takes themselves too seriously and are always willing to help when help is needed.”

I’m the Service Delivery Manager for APAC branch, I have a team of 4 x amazing Service Coordinators…

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“I’ve found a great fit within a team of likeminded and enthusiastic professionals.”

I’m the Director of Sales for APAC, which revolves around both direct and distribution sales channels…

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