Parking Guidance

Intelligent parking solutions far beyond guidance with extraordinary vision.


Designed to compete with low-tech ultrasonic systems at a comparable price point, this sensor bridges the gap for garage owners and operators eager to make the switch from a basic single space PGS to a camera-based guidance system.
Enhanced security with 360° video surveillance.
The PE360 system incorporates vehicle sensing, high-tech guidance, and sitewide surveillance. These sensors, designed with a 360° field of vision, have complete visibility of the entire facility. Each individual sensor has the ability to capture and stream video and images 24/7 to our proprietary management system, while also collecting rich occupancy data to help increase garage efficiency.
Simple installation, lightweight infrastructure, elegant design.
The installation of competing ultrasonic systems typically requires a complete shutdown of the parking facility. By contrast, the PE360 camera-based PGS can be easily installed, with little disruption and minimal effect on daily operations. The PE360 sensors, including a single camera and lightring, are installed above the driving lane to monitor spaces on each side. One sensor can monitor up to 6 parking bays. This unique vantage point offers unobstructed views of parked vehicles – while providing parkers with clear sightlines for easy guidance and navigation.

Industry-leading parking guidance with state-of-the-art surveillance at the price point of ultrasonic sensors.
Our PE360 provides all the advantages of an ultrasonic system with the added benefits of advanced camera-based guidance and sitewide surveillance. Leveraging our camera-based technology, the PE360 utilizes our bright RGB LED indicators to deliver seamless guidance. With a 360° field of vision, the sensors, driven by a powerful software platform, provide real-time video surveillance and streaming, video playback, and the ability to extract and save videos to enhance the parking facility's safety and security.

Enhanced performance with our intelligent software system.
The PE360 software suite empowers owners and operators to continuously monitor the facility down to each bay. With the ability to add and remove specific users and functionality, our software enables you to customize and control your system.

Offering data on occupancy, dwell time, transitions, and heatmaps indicating which areas are affected by over and under utilization, the reports featured in the PE360 software suite provide valuable information that can be compared and used in a myriad of ways to improve the facility’s operational efficiency and plan for future utilization. These reports can also be exported into excel so they can be customized to suit the needs of varied members within your executive and operations team.

Live maps also enable access to real-time parking bay images, bay status, and live image playback, so operators can quickly and easily understand how their facility is being used. Additionally, this feature enables operators to set the LED colors of each sensor, designating parking space types (i.e. regular, premium, handicap) that can be adapted to the needs of the facility, without fixed barriers.