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Prepare your revenue stream for takeoff.

We understand the unique challenges airports face in managing their parking facilities efficiently. Explore how our innovative parking guidance solutions are reshaping the way airports manage parking, making travel smoother and more convenient for passengers and staff alike.

Industry Challenges

Today’s on-airport parking facilities are dealing with an unprecedented set of pressures and challenges that are eroding parking revenues, straining resources, reducing safety and security, and driving up operational costs. With potential availability concerns, no one looks forward to the process of finding a parking space at an airport, especially during peak travel periods. When airport parking garages and surface lots are underutilized, the resulting traffic congestion can lead to premature expansion/construction to compensate for the parking facility overall inefficiency. Plus, traditional security systems have a hard time getting an unobstructed view of key areas where undesirable events can take place, like in and between parking spaces.

Airport Solutions

Would your travelers pay premium rates to park closer to the terminal? With our patented Park Assist Automated Parking Guidance System (APGS), you’ll not only justify an overall higher level of rates versus off-airport competitors, but you can easily institute space-by-space pricing for the most desirable areas in your garage while accessing the numerous additional benefits of our revolutionary camera-based guidance system. 

Using an automated parking guidance system (APGS), owners and operators can maximize their parking garage revenue

Tailored Solutions for You 

Our APGS has emerged as a viable single-source solution. The benefits of this smart-infrastructure investment — which is growing exponentially in terms of real-world deployment — include an elevated customer experience, reduced time-to-park, heightened operational efficiency, and a decreased carbon footprint.

Throughout the day and evening, travelers are arriving who would gladly pay a premium for one of your most desirable parking spaces. This includes travelers who are running late, families with kids in tow, business travelers looking to streamline their pre-travel agenda, or just about anyone desiring a shorter walk to the terminal.

Available as a Premium Subscription, our multifaceted Business Development+ API package, combined with your PARCS or other revenue management system, enables you to set premium and conditional pricing rates at will throughout your entire facility. There’s no need for expensive gate systems or costly loss of spaces. This intelligent feature is an all-encompassing solution with the power to instantly increase parking garage revenues and the bottom line.

Our next-generation parking guidance and wayfinding technology can reduce the time needed to find a space by up to 63%.* This process can even be kick-started via push notifications from your airport’s website or smartphone app. As a result, travelers arrive at the terminal quicker, are less stressed, and have more time to make purchases at airport concessions.

Upon exit, our Park Finder software module enables returning travelers to find the exact location of their vehicle by simply typing in three numbers or letters from their license plate at a touchscreen kiosk, on a smartphone app, or when inserting their parking tickets at a pay station. This feature is available with an INX Standard Subscription.

* According to a science-based benchmarking study on time-to-park conducted by Park Assist in collaboration with the Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC). This groundbreaking before-and-after APGS analysis encompassed two parking facilities with a combined total of 7.903 individually M4-monitored bays

The use of integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR) is a central element of our camera-based smart-sensing APGS system, so each space in your garage is already being monitored. This enables you to schedule license-plate inventories, eliminating the cost of time-intensive manual walk-throughs or mobile LPR drive-bys, and reducing lost ticket revenue.

In a post-911 world, the more eyes you can have on your facility, the better. The fact is, traditional security systems have a hard time getting an unobstructed view of key areas where undesirable events can take place: in and between the parking spaces.

With a standard automated parking guidance system (APGS) installation, smart-sensor cameras can identify vehicles and monitor occupancy in every parking space. Through our Park Surveillance add-on software module, our M5 based APGS can also capture HD streaming surveillance 24/7 video whenever motion is detected in or around a space, or continuously, if desired. This provides an expanded level of security and safety that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive. Plus, since recordings can be saved up to 90 days, security can easily work with authorities if needed

Products & Services

M5, S2, C5 Smart Sensing

Wayfinding Signage

INX Software

M5 Smart Sensor S2 Smart Sensing Solution C5 Smart Counting Solution

M5 Smart Sensor

Intelligence at the parking-space level to maximize revenue and usage per square foot.

The latest innovation in automated parking guidance systems (APGS), the M5 is a camera-based smart-sensor with one IP-based CMOS digital camera on each side. Installed above the driving lane evenly at every third parking spot, each M5 detects space availability for parkers and gives operators an unobstructed view of parked vehicles. Monitoring up to six spaces per sensor, including in and between vehicles, sensor placement significantly enhances security throughout the facility and increases the number of parking garage areas visible via streaming HD video for real-time monitoring.

  • Simple installation, unprecedented functionality, and elegant design.
    • To provide parkers with quick guidance and stress-free navigation, each sensor in our APGS has an RGB (LED) indicator, displaying thousands of colors to indicate parking space occupancy status and space type (i.e., regular, premium, accessible, etc.).
    • M5 sensors are poised for future advances via firmware upgrades along with expansion opportunities via a USB expansion port.
    • The attractive housing has a seal rating of IP66, preventing the ingress of water and dirt from the advanced electronics.
  • 99%+ accuracy verified through precise global monitoring.
    • M5 sensors exhibit a 99%+ accuracy rate. Using our sophisticated software algorithms, accuracy is regularly verified by an internal monitoring process for continued optimal performance.
  • Built-in fault tolerances to ensure system integrity and reliability.
    • The continual dialogue between the intelligent M5 smart-sensors and the core of the automated parking guidance system (APGS), INX,  ensures overall reliability. INX, constantly monitors the daisy-chained installation, sending notifications for any compromised M5 smart sensor.
  • Intuitive software to discover real time business insights.
    • Using your parking facility’s live data, our cloud-based INX software platform is used for day-to-day analytics to gain insights for decision making, forecasting activity, and much more.
    • Our APGS integrates seamlessly with your existing software. Additionally, it provides a secure connection to a limitless set of third-party parking-related solutions.

S2 Smart Sensing Solution

Providing sitewide parking guidance and advanced security.

The S2 camera-based smart solution allows you to incorporate rooftops and surface lots into your management. Instead of digging up asphalt, the S2 solution integrates easily with your existing CCTV. Similar to mounting cameras for a typical surveillance system, the high-perched cameras take an omniscient view to monitor multiple bays, collecting video and rich data that drives the core intelligence of the INX system.

To complete your APGS, the S2 solution effortlessly harmonizes with M5, C5, and INX providing your team with a more holistic approach to streamlining parking operations, maximizing efficiency, and improving the parking experience for your customers and visitors.

C5 Smart Counting Solution

Accurately detect bidirectional traffic.

The C5 camera-based counting solution detects vehicles entering and leaving specific areas of a parking garage. It employs a proprietary advanced AI algorithm to count the vehicles accurately and  transmit the data to display counts on wayfinding signage and in the INX platform. The C5 solution uses a single fisheye camera mounted discreetly overhead to monitor two adjacent lanes, making it a cost-effective and efficient solution for parking garages, surface lots, and other high-traffic areas.

The C5 smart counting solution can accurately detect vehicles traveling in either one or two lanes including vehicles driving down the center and bumper-to-bumper traffic without the need for delineators. Using our sophisticated software algorithms, the 96%+ accuracy rate is regularly verified by an internal monitoring process for continued optimal performance.

Combined with the M5 and S2 solutions, a complete APGS provides a wealth of data to advance your operations, inform decision making, and elevate your customer’s experience.

The camera based C5 smart counting solution detects vehicles entering and exiting your parking garage

Next-generation parking guidance at every key decision point

Through the unique synergy of our camera-based smart-sensor automated parking guidance system (APGS) and customizable wayfinding signage, parkers are treated to a higher level of parking guidance technology and convenience from the moment they arrive and at key decision points.

  • Signs upon arrival. For properties with multiple parking areas, a multi-facility sign announces the number of available spaces at each parking garage or surface lot. Continually updated, parkers can determine the best facility to park in at any given moment.


  • Secondary signage within a chosen garage. Once a parker has decided to park in a specific parking garage, a dedicated monument wayfinding sign displays the number of available parking spaces on each level.


  • Directional interior in-aisle pointers. Once a parker has committed to searching for a parking space on a particular level, these smart signs enable a parker to make on-the-spot decisions (left, right, or straight) based on the number of available spaces.


Dynamic and customizable for real-time content updates

Utilizing LCD-NAV signs, you can easily engage and attract greater attention from customers by providing up-to-the-minute status updates at all entry and exit points of your parking garage or campus. Whether it’s providing parking guidance to potential parkers, alerting your customers of garage maintenance, or onscreen branding/promotional initiatives, the LCD-NAV enhances parking guidance, increases garage efficiency, and taps into additional revenue opportunities by communicating critical information more effectively.

An all-in-one plug-and-play solution, the LCD-NAV features a weatherized commercial-grade 49” or 55” outdoor LCD display. With a full HD1080p resolution, this smart parking solution is ideal for outdoor use, with a bright and crisp display, even in direct sunlight. Using our content management system, INX, operators can change colors, add a company logo, and display dark or light themes, all effortlessly deployed at the touch of a button. The web-based content management system enables the wayfinding sign to be configured and monitored remotely.


Versatile, full-matrix LED displays for unprecedented design freedom

Parking facility operators have free rein to create and broadcast an expansive set of digital messages in millions of colors, including detailed 24-bit RGB custom graphics. Continuously adjustable, enhanced brightness pixels can be tightly aligned with brand and architecture palettes.

Variable message signs (VMS) are engineered to use Ethernet protocols with ethernet connectivity, greatly simplifying installation and operations while reducing related costs. Signs are sized for ready insertion into a wide variety of new and existing signage options, depending on the individual system scenario.


Digi-NAV signs are LED signs specifically designed for driver wayfinding.

With adjustable brightness, this intelligent parking system product family includes a range of signs which can display counts, arrows, and recognizable parking symbols. All numbers and arrows are purpose designed, ensuring the messages can be clearly seen and easily recognized by drivers. Additionally, Digi-NAV signs are UL and CE certified, and have an IP54 rating.

Provide your customers with real-time parking space availability information for your parking garage using VMS digital wayfinding signage
Standard Software Optional Software

Unleashing the true power of camera-based APGS

Since the day we invented camera-based automated parking guidance system (APGS) technology, we’ve been on a continual quest to elevate its capabilities to new levels. Developed by our data scientists in response to what our clients wanted most, our standard and optional software is a game-changer in the APGS space.

Standard Software

Our revolutionary INX ecosystem

INX enables owners and operators to achieve even greater operational efficiencies, further elevating the customer experience, and driving new revenue opportunities, which positions them to access exciting new functionalities in real time such as reservations, premium parking, and customer loyalty programs.

Our highly intuitive INX dashboards are tailored to the specific needs of your operation to deliver robust, actionable data. Multiple data points are readily available, both real-time and historical, including:

Occupancy, dwell, turnover, and identification of unique visitor behavior

  • Live data from activity heatmaps, wayfinding signage, and specific facility regions.
  • Isolated activity of individual vehicles, including duration and frequency of visits.
  • Real-time site and environmental conditions that can affect parking volume: i.e., current/forecasted weather, traffic status in surrounding areas.
  • Trend analysis, including the ability to compare live trends with historical performance.
  • Additional comparative analyses.


API packages – Designed for your unique needs

Our API packages enable you to tap into a virtually limitless set of third-party solutions and secure access to the vast industry-leading dataset of our proprietary camera-based APGS, extending the data mining capabilities of our software platform. With our API packages, users can collaborate their APGS with an ever-evolving array of complementary functionalities. Plus, when your facility is ready for the next step, our APGS is primed for integration with the frictionless parking solution you choose, without interruptions.

Optional Software

Strategic API integrations engineered to drive the future

  • Ops Command+ package
    Empowers functionalities that heighten operational efficiencies and control to enable:

    • Building systems management
    • Digital signage control
    • Alerts and notifications: i.e., compliance/rules enforcement and VIP notifications
    • Website integration
    • Additional ops functionalities


  • CX+ package
    Designed for elevating the customer experience in a myriad of ways to enable:

    • Advanced mobile apps customizable to suit your brand and needs
    • Palm-of-the-hand and vehicle-connected wayfinding
    • The ability for drivers to check availability before leaving – receive personalized navigation to open bays – and locate their vehicles upon exit
    • Find Your Car integration with PARCS through our Park Finder add-on software module
    • Empowers additional customer experience functionalities such as valet parking


  • Business Development+ package
    Capabilities that further boost revenue and profitability to enable:

    • Tiered and frictionless parking
    • Reserved and permit parking
    • Fine-detail data and insights on parker behaviors and preferences


Park Surveillance – A unique vantage point

With the addition of our Park Surveillance software extension, the smart sensors capture HD streaming video whenever motion is detected, continuously, in between, or around a space. It’s an expanded level of security that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive, giving parkers peace of mind of know their vehicle is being monitored during their entire stay.

The streaming video and transactional time data captured by the M5 cameras can be used in a variety of ways. It’s a powerful combination of evidence for scenarios where theft or assault has occurred, the ability to help protect owners and management against fraudulent claims of theft and vandalism, and potentially deter the intrusion of unwelcome visitors. Since recordings can be saved up to 90 days, security can easily work with authorities if needed.

Park Finder™ – Our advanced-tech vehicle locator

In a big parking garage, at best, the parker is anxious. At worst, the parker becomes anguished at the thought their vehicle may have been stolen. Gone are the days of lost cars, with our Park Finder system, parkers can easily find their car.

With the Find Your Car locator feature in Park Finder, a parker simply enters at least three numbers or letters from their license plate into the app, a kiosk, or at a Park Finder enabled pay station for a PARCS or other revenue management system. In seconds, the core INX system searches the database of currently parked vehicles and identifies the parker’s car through the APGS’s integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR). The parker is provided with an exact location and step-by-step walking directions.

Park Alerts – Automatic recognition of important people or policy enforcement

Our Park Alerts software module taps into the APGS’s integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology and enables you to set automated rules and alerts that bring important events to your attention including:

  • The arrival of a VIP.
  • When a known, unwanted visitor pulls into one of your parking spaces.
  • If employees and staff members are parking in restricted/premium spaces they should not be occupying.
  • If a vehicle has overstayed in a limited-time space – such as a reserved space, a takeout space at a restaurant, or a time-restricted space in an urban setting.
  • If a commuter is parking in your garage, instead of in the designated transit station.
Our advanced-technology vehicle locator is a game changer for your customers, quickly and efficiently helping them to find their vehicles

Case Study

Quantifying the Impact of Park Assist’s Parking Guidance Solution on Customer Experience

Little has been done in the industry to objectively quantify the effects that an automated parking guidance system (APGS) has on driver decision-making and the parking experience itself. In response to this, Brisbane Airport Corporation, in collaboration with Park Assist completed a ground-breaking benchmarking study.

Read on for a summary of the impressive outcomes.

About Brisbane Airport

Brisbane Airport is the primary international airport serving Brisbane and Southeast Queensland. The airport services 31 airlines flying to 50 domestic and 29 international destinations, and with it, offers a state-of-the-art car facility, host to our M4 Automated Parking Guidance System (APGS) which elevates the airport parking experience.

Read this case study to learn how UT Dallas benefited from an automated parking guidance system (APGS)

The Challenge

In partnership with Brisbane Airport, TKH Security sought to quantify the impact of the wayfinding capabilities of the APGS, specifically focusing on the time taken for drivers to find and park in a vacant bay (Time to Park).

Discover how the Brisbane airport reduced time to park for customers and learned where individual cars parked

The Outcome

The Brisbane Airport benchmarking study results quantified the following impact once the parking guidance camera-based smart sensors and digital wayfinding signage, primary components of an APGS, were enabled:

  • 36% reduction in Time to Park in P1 car park.
  • 33% reduction in Time to Park across both car parks.
  • 50% reduction in Time to Park for primary entry levels in P1 servicing short-term parkers.
  • Improved and more consistent customer experience.
  • 5-minute time saving for drivers parking in disabled bays (an average reduction of 63%).
  • An additional half-minute reduction in Time on Park at weekends.

This ground-breaking APGS benchmarking study has quantified several key benefits. The most significant benefit is a substantial reduction in Time to Park, observed consistently across different times, locations, and types of visitors/parkers.

The Solution

This study leveraged and correlated data from two independent systems:

  • The Park Assist M4 Automated Parking Guidance System, which monitors every individual bay across both car parks for entry and exit events.
  • A third-party Parking & Revenue Control System (PARCS) which monitors vehicle entry and exit to each car park.

As both systems use automated License Plate Recognition (LPR) to uniquely identify a vehicle, we were able to determine:

  • When and where a unique vehicle entered and exited the car parks.
  • Where they parked and when they left a specific bay.

Over a 5-month period, the study collected a total of 127,284 individual customer journeys and compared Time to Park before and after the parking guidance camera-based smart sensors and digital wayfinding signage, primary components of an APGS, were enabled onsite.

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