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Transport and Infrastructure

TKH Security is a dedicated partner to the global transportation industry, specializing in comprehensive solutions tailored for Tunnels, Highways, Bridges, and Public Transport (Rail & Metro). With a deep understanding of the unique challenges these sectors face, we’ve developed innovative, efficient, and secure solutions that enhance safety, streamline operations, and usher in a new era of forward-thinking transportation and infrastructure management.

Industry Challenges

  • Existing Installations/operations: Integrating any new subsystems into an existing operating room infrastructure entails meticulous alignment with a diverse eco-system of equipment, protocols, and organizational layers.
  • Response time and efficiency: Two major factors that are vital to the success of any surveillance system so that we can proudly guarantee that our mobility solutions are designed to be the best in the business.
  • Information Management & Situational Awareness: Road authorities face the challenge of managing vast amounts of information for security and decision-making.
  • Cybersecurity: Protecting extensive networks is a paramount challenge, requiring robust cybersecurity measures.
  • False Alarm Reduction: Reducing false alarms while accurately identifying different activities and objects, including humans and animals in undesired areas.
  • Rail Crossing Safety & Track Access Control: Enhancing safety at rail crossings to minimize accidents along with monitoring unauthorized track access.
  • Harsh Conditions: Exposure to the elements means that Bridges face harsh environmental conditions, making it a challenge to maintain uptime and safety.

Transport & Infrastructure oriented solutions

  • VDG SENSE Video Management offers seamless integration with third party platforms, enabling real-time monitoring, automated incident detection, and secure, encrypted communication. It provides a comprehensive, real-time awareness for navigating complex transportation networks, ensuring the right information reaches decision-makers at the right moment.
  • Object Classification Technology: Object C is employed as a feature that can distinguish and classify objects in streaming video using Deep Learning techniques. Especially important for Metro/Rail networks that constantly require robust measures for track safety and seamless operation.
  • Thermal and optical capabilities using our fiber XCU camera range. Perfectly suited for detecting potential hazards that pose serious threats such as smoke and fire – particularly in tunnels.
  • Highly effective situational awareness with our fiber UP36 (PTZ) camera. Equipped with 36x zoom capabilities, operators can monitor situations and zoom in on distant areas, even in low-light conditions. Moreover, when examining far-off locations, the pan and tilt functions remain precise, allowing for gradual picture adjustments that prevent sudden changes and maintain operator orientation.

Tailored Solutions for Your Industry

  • Effortless Installation and Maintenance: Our systems are designed for quick and painless setup and maintenance. With the high costs that occur through tunnel downtime during these processes, the quicker installers can get in and out, the better – minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.
  • Our (XCU) fiber camera system seamlessly maintains the same angle of view, no matter how often you replace cameras. With specially designed brackets for swift camera insertion and removal, you’ll never waste precious time or resources on realigning cameras.
  • The Power of Innovation: We’ve gone above and beyond to cover all aspects and possibilities to introduce innovative features – one of which is the dust tube. A two-way barrier that prevents dust and debris from infiltrating your camera, preserving its optimal performance.
  • Operational Excellence: Ideal for long distances and high-speed applications, these cameras are highway and bridge ready. They simplify the installation by reducing electrical components and potential points of failure, ultimately lowering power consumption.
  • Energy Solutions: Take advantage of renewable energy solutions, such as powering your devices with 24 volts DC through solar panels—a sustainable and budget-friendly alternative.
  • Customized GUI: Our solution provides a tailored interface that delivers real-time statistics, ensures easy maintenance.
  • Cybersecurity Assurance: Protecting vast networks is paramount. Our VDG SENSE platform guarantees secure communication, with encrypted transmissions all the way from the camera to the client. Your data is locked down at every step.
  • Situational Awareness: Our VMS connects seamlessly with peripheral platforms like COMMEND Intercom. Automated incident detection keeps an eagle eye on everything from stopped vehicles to pedestrians and incidents, helping to make informed decisions
  • XCU Dual Camera: Our XCU dual fiber camera, complete with thermal and optical capabilities, is a game-changer for tunnels. It detects fires, smoke, and more, keeping highways and tunnels safer.
  • Complete Awareness: Our VMS offers complete tunnel and highway monitoring, complete with maps, tolling station insights, and quick access to the information you need when you need it.
  • Integration Excellence: Our VMS seamlessly integrates with third-party systems, utilizing sensor data from loops, cameras, and radar to generate vital events and statistics. These empower you to make more informed decisions and implement safer, smarter transportation solutions.

Case Study

2nd Coentunnel, The Netherlands

Tunnel and infrastructure solutions

Reliable and accurate video surveillance is of utmost importance at critical infrastructure such as tunnels, bridges and highway crossings. With our client Rijkswaterstaat, we were able to implement VDG SENSE VMS in the 2nd Coentunnel which connects the main freeways of the northern part of The Netherlands with the country’s capital, Amsterdam.

Over 30,000 vehicles pass through the tunnel each day, and it required a video management system that was both powerful and had the possibility to interact with the many other safety systems implemented, such as fire & smoke detection, traffic flow control systems, intercom and variable message sign systems.

VMS offers powerful and intelligent features with a unique flexibility to integrate in any kind of security environment also offering critical features such as ‘failover’ which ensures that even if a system fails, video streams and recording can continue uninterrupted.

The VMS for Coentunnel is connected to the SCADA system through the OPC protocol. In case of alarms from other systems and sensors in the tunnel, events are sent to the VMS. It will then respond by controlling the relevant cameras and showing the corresponding video streams on the video wall and on operator screens.

One of the other unique features of the VMS is its ability to create custom layouts, allowing for flexible configurations on video walls, operator screens, and any other client or viewer’s screen.  The possibility to access video through mobile apps also provides huge advantages for the operators on the job.

Excellent video security is essential for tunnels, as without continuous and clear video footage, they can be required to shut down, with costly consequences. With VDG SENSE continuity is guaranteed.

Nationwide upgrade and extension of Asfinag’s video surveillance system, Austria

Austrian Highways Project

Today’s highways are complex networks that need to be monitored closely, not just for safety, but also to ensure optimal traffic flow.

Our cooperation with Asfinag (Austrian highway management company), meant that we were able to align their vision and anticipation of future growth with our solutions: a smart, user-friendly system that would embrace open standards while offering support for legacy protocols.

In collaboration with systems integrator Siemens, we designed an end-to-end surveillance system based on ONVIF-compliant hardware. Part of Asfinag’s 5,500 surveillance cameras were replaced, and new and existing analogue cameras were connected to a mix of SIQURA’S S-series video encoders which offer standardized H.264 video streaming and flexibility of wiring.

To make the most of AKUT, Asfinag’s acoustic tunnel monitoring system, TKH Security adapted its XCU cameras. The tunnel sound picked up by AKUT can now be digitized and transferred to the control room for further analysis.

The XCU camera continuously analyses the images it captures for unusual occurrences, such as stopped vehicles, pedestrians, lost cargo or smoke and as soon as an incident is detected, it automatically sends out an alert to a control room.

Enclosed Service Roads, Al Maryah Island

Al Maryah Island is in the vicinity of one of the largest tunnels in the region, the Shaikh Zayed Tunnel for which we had the distinction of offering our IP Encoders.

Today, our advanced traffic monitoring solution is implemented on enclosed service roads in Al Maryah Island that are dedicated to fire and life safety measures with respect to current Governmental Authorities requirements.

Leveraging our rugged XCU Compact Cameras, these are designed to operate in harsh environments, ensuring durability and clear surveillance through a full set of image enhancement tools on-board to improve the image for the actual application. Moreover, the XCU Compact is available with motorized lens and autofocus for rapid deployment and remote installation with Remote zoom and focus that allows you to define and configure the field-of-view afterwards, without opening the camera.

The adjustable white balance and hue can compensate for varying lighting conditions. Back-light compensation and wide dynamic range functions enhance image quality in difficult lighting situations, ensuring quality pictures even in challenging scenes.

With our solution we were able to equip the enclosed service road with reliable and efficient monitoring to meet safety regulations and enhance the overall urban living experience.

Traffic Management System, Arriyadh Development Authority (ADA), Riyadh – Saudi Arabia

The Arriyadh Development Authority (ADA) of Saudi-Arabia is responsible for the socio-economic, cultural, and environmental development of the city of Riyadh.

Our solution included the implementation of high-resolution speed dome cameras. Along with offering clear situational awareness of traffic at junctions, these outdoor high-speed PTZ dome cameras offer exceptional imaging controls, providing detailed surveillance footage in high definition (1080p). Paired with our advanced VDG SENSE VMS these cameras ensure seamless integration and superior performance.

Offering a significant upgrade from fixed-time systems, our traffic management system goes beyond automatically adjusting traffic signal timing in real-time based on current traffic conditions. This dynamic approach significantly improves traffic flow and reduces congestion, providing a remarkable upgrade from traditional methods.

To ensure data storage for essential monitoring and analysis, our hardware servers and hard discs were installed in control rooms. These have a large storage capacity, enabling us to conduct comprehensive analysis and review of the data whenever necessary.

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